2 KTM 390 Adventure bikes crash into each other after uncontrolled jump [Video]

KTM recently launched the all-new 390 Adventure in the Indian market after a long wait. The all-new bike based on the KTM 390 Duke has gained instant popularity, especially among the enthusiasts. There are many who have already received the delivery of the KTM 390 Adventure and you can spot them on the roads. Well, here is an unfortunate video that shows how one should be extremely careful while riding a bike on the off-road sections and why the skill to control a motorcycle in such situations become the most important factor.

The video has now become viral on the Internet and shows two KTM 390 Adventure bikes on an off-road track. The video is taken from the helmet-mounted camera of the rider and shows one of the riders going away. In a few seconds, he comes back and the camera records him doing a jump on the off-road track. However, his speed was too high and on landing, he could not keep the bike under control. The video then shows that the rider comes to crash directly into the biker who was standing and recording the video. It seems like they were shooting a video and you can see the cameraman sitting on the left-hand side of the screen.

Both the riders fell down but they got up quickly without any signs of injuries. Yes, there might be small bruises but there is nothing major that happened to any of them. Both riders then picked up the respective bikes and said that something is broken in the bikes.

It should be noted that on such dirt tracks the braking distance increases by a lot due to the loose surface. Also, while making jumps like this one in the video, one should ensure that the track ahead is clear. Most jumps cannot be predicted and one does not get to change the direction of the vehicle once it gets airborne. It is best to do it on a clear track to ensure everyone’s safety.

Ktm Adv Crash Featured

Both the bikers seen in the video can be spotted in riding gear, which is why they have not sustained any serious injuries. This shows how riding gears can save you from a lot of trouble and keep you safe even during such falls and accidents.

We do hope that both these bikes are fine and have received minimal damages. Since these are new bikes, getting spare parts so early can be a problem initially. This video gives out two clear messages. The first one is always clear the track before performing any such stunt. Be it a car or a bike, jumps should always be done with the utmost care and one should always ensure that there is no one in front of you. The second lesson is the riding gear and how important they are to save lives and escape from injuries.

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