2 things you should NOT do after an accident – Retd. Motor Vehicle Inspector explains

Number of vehicles on our roads are increasing on a daily basis. With this chances of an accident have also gone up. Accidents can happen to anyone. At times it is your fault sometimes it is not. When you or your vehicle is involved in an accident, there are certain things that you must do to bring the situation under control. Just like the things you should be doing, there are some things you should not do after an accident. Here we have a video where a retired Motor Vehicle Inspector from Kerala is talking about such two things that one must not do after an accident.

2 things you should NOT do after an accident – Retd. Motor Vehicle Inspector explains

The video has been uploaded by TJ’s Vehicle Point on his YouTube channel. In this video, Thankachan John, who is a retired Motor Vehicles Inspector talks about things that one must try avoid doing in case of an accident. He recently received a query from one of his subscribers who told him about an incident he recently experienced. The guy met with an accident. He took the the injured person to the hospital and took care of the treatment. The other person broke his leg in the accident and the vehicle owner bore expenses at the hospital as well. Other than this, the owner also gave the victim Rs 6,000 as he cannot go to work with his broken leg.

After few days, a lawyer has filed a petition against the vehicle owner for the accident. The MVI mentions that in case of an accident, the first priority of the vehicle owner is to take the injured or the victim to the nearest hospital and ensure that he gets basic treatment. Once the patient is admitted in the hospital, it is not necessary that the driver should bear all the expenses of the injured. If he does offer money to the victim on humanitarian grounds, he is not going to get it back. The driver can take contact details of the victim and inform his relatives about the incident. Other than this, he can leave his details with the victim for future contacts.

Another thing he speaks in the video about accidents is the case. You should think several times before filing a case in a car accident. There are several things that one must consider before deciding to file a case in case of a car accident. If it is a small accident and if the occupants are all safe, then it is a bad idea to go and file a case. One must talk to the other party involved in the accident and then compromise things. Once the police gets involved, the process is long and it would require both the parties to present the vehicles at the station. An investigation related to the accident would be carried out and this would take weeks. This is why the retired MVI asks people to resolve the issue in such small accidents on their own or using a mediator. In case of accidents, where people are injured and the vehicle has also damaged badly, they must involve the concerned authorities.