5 BIG dangers of taking a 2 wheel drive car/SUV to Ladakh [Video]

The roads to Ladakh, which is often called as the heaven in India, are one of the most treacherous roads in the world. With the Ladakh season in full swing, hundreds of cars take the long journey by road to the northern-most part of the country. With the roads now open, many ask the question if their 2WD vehicle will be able to do the Ladakh circuit successfully. Well, the answer is always yes. It will be able to take on the roads but in some situations, the 2WD car may get stuck, which can throw the schedule out of the window and also can leave you stranded for hours. Here are a few examples of what can happen if you take the 2WD vehicle to Ladakh.

Rocky surfaces can be a problem

Rocky surfaces in Ladakh can sure be a problem for any kind of car. The lack of traction available from the road surface makes it difficult for the vehicle to climb. Here is a Hyundai Xcent, which is stuck on a similar surface. If the tyres do not get enough grip from the roads, they will skid and can make the vehicle stuck, just like in this situation.

Water crossings

There are numerous water crossings on the way to Ladakh and the flow of these water crossings rises during the day due to the snow melting process. The road condition under such water crossings can be a surprise and if by any chance, one of the wheels in the live axle of a two-wheel drive car gets in a tricky situation, the vehicle may get stuck. Seen here is a sedan in a similar situation.

Sand scare

While the roads to Ladakh are treacherous enough, in many areas, the surface is sandy. A lot of tourists unknowingly enter such sandy places and can get stuck. Here is the popular Toyota Innova stuck in a similar sandy surface in Ladakh. One should note that the Innova is a rear wheel drive vehicle, which makes it even more difficult to get out of such situations. The vehicle here is getting towed by an Army truck, which gets a 4X4 set-up.

Slippery surfaces

Well, slippery surfaces are common in the Ladakh region and on the roads to Ladakh. Here is a Tata Nexon, which is stuck after slipping from the road. the vehicle fails to regain the traction as it is a 2WD vehicle. A few people stand on the front of the Nexon to bring it down and ensure that it gets all the traction to come out of the situation.


During the peak summer season, one would not find much snow in the Ladakh region. However, snow is plentiful in the high passes of the Ladakh region and it can be a problem for the 2WD vehicles. As seen here, a Mahindra Scorpio 2WD variant gets royally stuck in the snow due to the low traction from the surface. Finally, it crosses the stretch after a lot of effort. A 4X4 Mahindra Scorpio could have done the same stretch without breaking a sweat.