2 Worlds! Cars worth millions passing by on train, while local people catch fish

It is no secret that our society is divided into multiple economic segments. Every day we see people from different working classes and tranches, but rarely do we take time to ponder the existence of these economic classes. And because of our general lack of getting into details of such things once in a while a video on the internet comes up and makes us think about stuff like this. In a recently shared video, millions of worth of vehicles were seen getting transported on a train, while a few poor fishermen were trying to catch fish beside the railway track.

Recently this tweet by a Twitter page, H0W_THlNGS_W0RK went viral. The tweet quoted, “Madness! What seems like a never ending train carrying millions of dollars worth of vehicles passing by locals searching for fish. Never seen such a contrasting video!” depicting this rather common yet deeply meaningful phenomenon.

Upon further digging, we found out that the video was shot a few months ago and it is the Royal Railway Train of Cambodia that is delivering millions of dollars worth of Ford Everest SUVs and pickup trucks from Poi Pet to Phnom Penh. Cambodia is a country that currently remains on the list of developing countries like India. It is undergoing significant urbanization, however still most of its citizens continue to live in rural areas and experience poverty.

2 Worlds! Cars worth millions passing by on train, while local people catch fish

Many netizens on the social media platform shared a similar sentiment that videos like this portray the sharp contrast between the two economies of the same country. Some of them commented things like, “It’s called inequality.”, “That’s life. You can see similar examples everywhere at any given time. Life is not fair and never will be.” and “This is why you have to be more grateful with what you have and know that it can always be worse…..” along with many more.

Moving away from economic to automobile side of things we can note that the SUVs on the train are the Ford’s newest iteration of Endeavor which in the international market is sold as the Everest. Ford unveiled the all-new generation of the Everest in September of this year in Malaysia.

With a 2,900 mm-long wheelbase, the brand-new Everest measures in at 4,914 mm long, 1,923 mm wide, and 1,841 mm height. The front end of the vehicle is styled with a mixture of horizontal and vertical parts, some of which are recognizable from the Ranger and Raptor. Design cues of the new SUV include a grille modeled to the standard Ranger and C-clamp daytime running lights. While the Trend and Titanium’s horizontal accents are finished in chrome, the Sport’s variant comes completed in black.

The Ford Ranger pickup trucks both 2.0 inline four-cylinder diesel Single-Turbo and Bi-Turbo mills are also the Everest’s two available drivetrain options for Malaysia. The 2.0 Single-Turbo in the Sport version produces 405 Nm of torque and 170 PS. A six-speed automatic gearbox is connected to it. The Trend and Titanium variants get the Bi-Turbo unit, which produces 210 PS and 500 Nm of torque. Both engines come mated with the Ford’s 10R80 10-speed SelectShift automatic transmission.