2 year-old infant puts Mahindra Thar Automatic in D mode: Here’s the result [Video]

A video from My Country My Ride shows how a Mahindra Thar starts rolling down on its own and how the driver saves the vehicle at the last minute. Here is what happened.

According to the owner of the car who tells the story, he parked the car right outside his house and found that the road is blocked is by another car. He got out of the vehicle to see where is the driver of the other car. While the owner of the car was waiting outside the car and was asking his mother if she knows anything about the driver of the car, Mahindra Thar starts to move.

The Thar starts to crawl forward. That is when the owner realised that the moving car will hit his mother and the other two vehicles that were parked in front of the vehicle. He rushed and opened the door of the Thar to put the gear lever in Park position.

How did the Mahindra Thar start moving?

According to the owner, a 2-year old kid was inside the car on the co-driver seat. He left the vehicle with the engine turned on. The two-year-old kid somehow managed to pull the gear lever from Park to Drive as the vehicle started moving forward.

The owner says that this is the first time that such a thing happened. However, such things do not need to happen every day and one should be very careful with the kids inside the car.

While most Indians do not use child seats, it is illegal in many countries to make the child travel without them. Most child seats are fitted in the rear seats of the car to make sure that the children do not fiddle with the controls of the vehicle. In fact, even children who do not require a child seat are made to sit in the rear seats of the vehicle.

The rear seats are much safer than the co-driver seat for the children. As the front seats have front airbags, it can injure children. It is always a good idea to make the children sit in the rear seats even if they want to travel in the front co-driver seat of the vehicle.

It is also a good idea to take out the keys to the vehicle and turn it off whenever you go out. Modern cars use a lot of electronics and by any chance, if the doors get locked or something similar happens, it can be a mega hassle for the driver.

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