20 Car cleaning products you can buy on Amazon

By Ajeesh Kuttan

Online shopping platform Amazon currently has the Great Indian Festival sale going on. Here we have a list of 20 car cleaning products that you can buy at attractive prices during the sale.

Microfiber Cloth

Microfiber clothes make cleaning your car much more easier. This cloth attracts any dust particle on the car and would also not leave swirl marks on your car if the cloth is clean.

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Microfiber Vent cleaner for removing dust particles

Two-in-one cleaning cloth and brush, very useful for removing dust particles that have gone inside AC cents and other narrow areas. The cloth can be removed and washed, and the brush comes in handy while cleaning too.

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Rubbing Compound

If you are living in a metro city, maintaining a car without any scratches is almost next to impossible. If you want to give your car a clean look and remove minor scratches and restore the gloss of the paint, rubbing compounds will help.

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Car Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning every corner of your car would become more easy, if you have a car vacuum cleaner. Simply plug it into the 12V power socket and clean the interior with ease.

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Dashboard Polish

If you want to keep to dashboard of your car clean, there are dashboard polishes available online. It is easy to apply and is available as a single product or combo.

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Car Shampoo

There are several car shampoos that are available online during this sale. Get one for your car to achieve a clean look for your car.

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Liquid Wax

Liquid wax helps restore the gloss of the paint, provides UV protection and also make the car surface water repellant.

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Foam Applicator Sponge

This sponge will come in handy if you are planning to apply liquid wax or rubbing compound on your car evenly.

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Rat Repellant Spray

You can simply open the bonnet of your car and spray it over the engine and other parts to keep rats and rodents away from the car.

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Tyre & Rim Scrub Brush

This product will help you clean the tyre and the rims of your car withut too much effort.

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Chrome & Metal Polish

Metal and chrome polish on your may lose its shine over the years. This polish would help you bring back the shine on those parts.

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Car Duster

If you don’t want to use a microfiber cloth to clean your car, there is always an option for a car duster which also uses similar material and comes with a handle for convenience.

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Car Wash Water Gun

Connect this water gun to the hose used to wash the car and mix shampoo to create foam. This high pressure car wash snow foam water gun will remove all the dirt and also spread the foam evenly.

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Bug & Tar Remover

This product helps in removing bird dropping, insect debris from the car and is safe to be used on metal, plastic and glass surface of your car.

Bug and tar remover

Rain Repellant

This product can be applied  on the windshield of your car to improve the visibility. It also helps remove the ice, salt, mud and bugs on the windshield easily.

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Dirt Cleaner Gel

This product will pick up all the dust and dirt from car’s AC vent, dashbaord, door gaps where your normal hands cannot reach.

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Tyre Polish

It helps in giving a glossy and rich look to the tyres. It also prevents fading and cracking of tyres.

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Upholstery Cleaner

This product removes dirt and stains that are there are on the seat covers on your car.

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Waterless Car Wash Kit

This kit is helpful for those who do not have access to water hose for cleaning car. This can help you clean your car by using minimum amount of water.

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Headlamp Restoration Kit

This product would help you restore and improve the clarity of your yellowed, oxidized or sun damaged headlight.

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Windscreen Washer Fluid

This product would help you keep the windshield of your car clean all the time.

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