20 Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

Cars have become an indispensable part of our daily routine. While we spend more time than ever inside our vehicles, there are few tricks that can make our life a lot easier. Here are 20 such car hacks that can be incorporated easily into your daily life and make it a lot simpler.

Use scented candles

20 Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

If you missed buying car freshener during your last shopping trip, worry not. A scented candle can be placed in the car instead. The hot weather in India will melt the candle slowly to release a nice smell. Scented candles are also cheaper and last longer than the car fresheners.

Remove window fog

20 Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

Windows fogging up is annoying. It happens when the water vapour settles down on the cold glass windshield or the windows of the vehicle. Use your regular toothpaste to solve this problem. Clean the windshield and apply toothpaste evenly on the windshield. Take a wet paper towel and start wiping the toothpaste off. This keeps the windshield fog free for a very long time.

Use wet wipes to clean the interior

Wet wipes should be kept in the dashboard of the car in case of any spillovers. Also, to clean the dashboard and other plastic parts of the interiors, use wet wipes. They cling onto the dust very easily and also leave a soothing fragrance for a long time.

Keep the interiors clean using bottle

Most cars can fit a plastic water bottle in the door or in the cupholder. Take a knife and cut a plastic bottle in half. Now you can keep it in the car as a dustbin. This keeps small wrappers at one place and keeps the car and the roads clean.

Never park the car in gear

20 Car Hacks that will make your life much easier

Almost all of us have the habit of leaving the car in gear while parking. This may prove to be very dangerous. If parked on an incline, the transmission may get damaged due to the force from the car that will want to move. Also, if someone rams into a  stationary vehicle which is parked in gear may cause great damage to the drivetrain. The force will want to move the vehicle, but transmission will oppose it. This may break the system and can greater repair costs. Use the handbrake while parking.

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