20 cars with more than Rs 1.0 lakh discount

The year end is tough on all car manufacturers. After the festive season dies down, people prefer waiting for the new year to get a car. The reason behind it is that it’ll help improve resale value. But if you’re the sort who doesn’t care about that, you could get a few cars at really cheap prices. Here are 20 cars that have a discount of over a lakh:

Hyundai Grand i10

Rs 91k + dealer discounts

Chon-mua-hyundai-grand-i10-hay-mitsubishi-mirage-1The Grand i10 has been fairly popular in the Indian market, offering customers a good value for money proposition with various engine gearbox combinations.

Now it is known that Hyundai will soon be updating the Grand i10 in our country and it is due to this we believe that Hyundai wants to push out all the existing cars they have built. There is a Rs 91k discount on offer and negotiations with the dealer could easily push that beyond a lakh.

Hyundai Verna

Rs 1 lakh +


When Hyundai introduced the Fluidic Verna in the country, it was an instant success. Though the Fluidic term referred to the design theme followed by Hyundai, this very term made the car really popular. Ever since the new City and the Ciaz have come, the Verna has begun losing its edge. Hyundai will be updating the Verna sometime next year and in anticipation, they are already offering a large discount of over a lakh on select models.

Skoda Rapid

Rs 1 lakh +

Skoda Rapid

The newly launched facelifted Rapid has been doing well for Skoda. The new edgy looks and the pricing make it a really good buy. Skoda, however has a lot of the old Rapid still left in stock which they want to get rid off. You can get real good discounts if you are willing to settle in for the older model. Discounts of over a lakh were on offer when the vehicle was on sale itself, so you could get a lot more now given that the variant has been phased out.

Mahindra XUV500

Rs 85k + dealer level discounts

super xuv

A surprising entry into this list is the XUV. The vehicle has been having a lot of demand ever since it was introduced in the country. Now though, there are deals going on that can fetch you upto a lakh of discount on the the XUV, which makes it a real good buy. The XUV is one of the most modern Mahindra’s to have ever been built.

Honda Mobilio

Rs 1 lakh +


The Mobilio has never been really successful for Honda,  given its high price tag. At close to Rs 1 lakh more than the Ertiga, most people prefered to go in for the cheaper Ertiga. Since the Mobilio hasn’t been selling well, the dealers who have stock are offering large discounts of over a lakh on the vehicles to get rid of them.

Honda BRV

Rs 1 lakh +


Honda introduced the BRV earlier this year to take on the Creta and Duster. They also gave it a 7-seat option, saying it was a USP since no other compact SUV came with that option. However, the BRV still looks a lot like the Mobilio which has been given a more rugged treatment, something which has made buyers vary of it. Due to this reason, there are close to Rs 1 lakh being offered on the new BRV if you are going in for exchanging your current vehicle.

Renault Duster

Rs 1.2 lakh on AMT, Rs 80k on manual


Renault launched the facelifted version of the Duster earlier this year. The vehicle was a successful product for Renault when they first introduced it in India. Since then though the Creta has come about and is eating into the sales of the Duster. Even with the facelift, it still isn’t selling as much as it should be selling, given the potential the vehicle has. Due to this reason, Renault is offering 1.2 lakhs off on the AMT and close to 80k on the manual variant of the Duster making it a real good buy.

Nissan Terrano

Rs 1 lakh+

Nissan Terrano Modified 1

The Terrano is a rebadged Duster which has been spruced up to look better. Though the Terrano does look a lot more premium than the Duster, the interiors aren’t there yet, given the lack of a touch screen system. Due to this, the Terrano hasn’t really been selling well. You can get a discount of Rs 1 lakh+ very easily on the new Terrano.

Renault Lodgy

Rs 1.0 lakh on world edition


The Lodgy was placed in such a way that it filled the gap between the Ertiga and the Innova. Though a really good product, the vehicle never really caught on in the Indian market for some reason. It has a really good suspension setup which just soaks up the bumps, handles well and is spacious too, yet it isn’t doing the numbers the company expected. To push sales, the company is offering Rs 1.0 lakh off on the newly launched World Edition.

Chevrolet Cruze

Rs 1 lakh+

cruze 1

Chevrolet’s rocket, the Cruze has begun to show its age now. When it was introduced, people loved the edgy styling, the futuristic interiors and the potent 2.0 liter diesel engine that came with it. However with the competition becoming tougher, Chevrolet has really lost out since the new Cruze is still almost a year away. In the mean time, Chevrolet is offering more than a lakh off on the Cruze for those who want to buy the current one, making it a sweet deal.

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