200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

When a person upgrades to a D segment sedan in the 20 lakh price bracket, he expects the car to be good at everything and certainly better than the cars present at a lower segment. So the car needs to look good, be comfortable, offer great features and also be fast & powerful. Almost all the sedans in this range are comfortable and offer features. However, there are only 5 sedans than can break the 200 kmph barrier.

Chevrolet Cruze

2.0 liter 164 Bhp & 360 Nm

200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

The Cruze, since its launch was always marketed as a car for those who love to drive. The car received an engine update sometime back and earlier this year, received a minor facelift which made the car look more aggressive. The 2.0 liter engine on the Cruze is the most powerful diesel on sale in the segment and makes 164 Bhp & 360 Nm. The Z-Series engine runs on a timing chain, making it a low maintenance unit.

You have the option of either an automatic or a manual gearbox, both six speed units. Being the most powerful in its class, it comes as no surprise that the Cruze easily goes past the 200 kmph mark. The car also accelerates like a bat out of hell. The standstill to 100 Kph sprint is dispatched in under 10 seconds. The Cruze is essentially for those who want brute acceleration and a heady top speed. It’s also the most affordable car in the 200 Kph club.

Skoda Octavia Tsi

1.8 liter 177 Bhp & 250 Nm/ 1.4 liter 138 Bhp & 250 Nm

200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

When Skoda launched the Octavia back in 2013, it gave the enthusiasts something to be happy about. It was the only car in the segment to offer a 1.8 liter turbocharged unit and was also the one making the most power at 177 Bhp. So it must come as no shock that this car can easily fly past the 200 kmph mark. However, even with the 1.4 liter Tsi engine(138 Bhp & 250 Nm), the car can still sail past the 200 kmph mark. While the 1.8 only comes with a 7 speed DSG, the 1.4 comes with a 6 speed manual.

Skoda Octavia Tdi

2.0 liter 141 Bhp & 320 Nm

200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

When the petrol sibling goes so fast, the diesel cannot be left far behind, can it? The diesel Octavia is powered by a 2.0 liter Tdi engine making 141 Bhp & 320 Nm. It has both the 6 speed manual & 6 speed DSG on offer. Both the manual and auto cross the 200 kmph mark with ease.

Volkswagen Jetta Tdi

2.0 liter 140 Bhp & 320 Nm

200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

Though the Jetta has received minor facelifts over the years it has been on sale, it is now beginning to show its age. If you still decide to go for the Jetta, don’t be disappointed. It has the same 2.0 liter engine which does duty on the Octavia and makes just 1 Bhp less. The engine is rated at 140 Bhp & 320 Nm. Available in both 6 speed DSG & 6 speed manual, both will easily cross the 200 kmph mark without breaking a sweat.

Hyundai Elantra

1.8 liter 148 Bhp & 178 Nm

200 kmph cars for under 20 lakhs

The 5th car on the list is a surprising one. The Elantra is not a car you would associate with speed or being sporty. This is a car you would choose if comfort and features are what you are looking for. Surprisingly though, the 1.8 liter petrol Elantra that makes 148 Bhp & 178 Nm can do more than 200 kmph.