2000 model Maruti Omni van tastefully modified into a drift truck [Video]

Maruti Omni is a vehicle that was available for sale in the Indian market for decades. A majority of people who are reading this article would have sat inside an Omni once. Some of you might have even owned it for years. It was used as a people mover and also goods carrier for small businesses. Maruti Omni was even featured in many movies as vehicles used by the kidnappers. Due to stricter emission and safety norms, Maruti had to discontinue Omni from the market. There are still some examples of well-kept Maruti Omni vans in India and other than this, there is a section of buyers who have started modifying it. Here we have one such Maruti Omni that has been modified into a drift truck.

The video has been uploaded by GOKZ MOTOGRAPHY on their YouTube channel. In this video, the owner of the Maruti Omni talks about all the modifications that he has done to the car. The owner had bought a used 2000 model Maruti Omni and started working on it. Most of modification on this Omni was done by the owner only. He mentions that he always wanted to build a car in his garage. He had seen many modified Maruti Omnis from Kerala and wanted his version to be different from the others. That is how he ended up with a drift truck concept.

Maruti Omni is an apt vehicle for this project as it is a rear wheel drive vehicle. The owner lowered the suspension on this Omni and after that, he welded the rear doors and tail gate on the Omni with the body. Once everything was joined, he cust the body of the van after B pillar. He simply did not chop the rear section. After chopping the rear to get a truck like shape. The owner placed metal bars and sheets to reinforce the body. He mentions that this is a project car and that is why he wanted it to look like a proper drift truck.

2000 model Maruti Omni van tastefully modified into a drift truck [Video]

At the front, the design of the Omni van remained the same. To achieve a lowered stance at the front, he installed a rear bumper from a Tata Nano. The ABS plastic bumper was offering him the desired look while not compromising on the driveability. The bed at the rear was completely flat and there is a huge spoiler placed at the end of it. This gives it a proper drift truck like look to it. The wheel again play a crucial role in the look of the car. The front get 12 inch alloy wheels and the rear gets wider steel rims. Both the wheels are painted white.

One of the first things that you would notice about this Omni is its paint job. The whole car was painted by the owner at a workshop near his home. Coming to the engine, the owner has installed new air intake, straight pipe exhaust and the fuel lines were all redone as it was an old vehicle. He plans to do an engine swap in this vehicle in future. The work done on this car may not look very neat but, the concept of a drift truck is unarguably cool. This is a project car and we hope to see more mods in this vehicle in future.