2003 Mahindra Scorpio modified to look like the latest 2021 model [Video]

There are many vehicles in India, which have gained a cult status and a huge fan following across the country for years, and the Mahindra Scorpio is one of them. The homegrown SUV has evolved a lot over the years. However, you can see a lot of first-gen models from the early 21st century still plying on the Indian roads. One such first-gen model of the Mahindra Scorpio was recently given a massive makeover, making it look exactly like the current-gen 2021 model.

In a YouTube video shared by ‘D Mekanic’, we can see a 2003 model of Scorpio transformed entirely to make it look like the latest  S11 variant of the SUV. At the starting of the video, we can see that the Scorpio is in a bad shape, and seems to fully liven its age. However, an extensive amount of labour went into the transformation job, and the SUV now wears an all-new look of the latest iteration. The modification work looks so flawless that nobody can tell that the SUV is a heavily-mod 2003 version in and out.

What are the changes?

On the outside, the utilitarian look of the 2003 model has been heavily reworked for making it look like the S11 variant of the new Scorpio. For this, every panel of the Scorpio has been heavily altered, including the bonnet, front and rear bumpers, door panels, fenders and rear door.

Even the headlamps and tail lamps have been replaced with the new ones, comprising of HID projectors and daytime running LEDs for the headlamps and LED inserts for the tail lamps. For these lamps and the new multi-slat front grille, the chassis has been altered so that they can fit on the SUV. The Scorpio even gets hydraulic jacks for the front bonnet, which were missing in its original version. The reworked SUV gets new 18-inch alloy wheels wrapped with a bigger profile and wider tyres.

Changes inside the cabin as well

2003 Mahindra Scorpio modified to look like the latest 2021 model [Video]

The cabin of a vehicle is rarely swapped into a completely new one. However, the Scorpio ditches the very basic and poorly finished interior panels of its original version, including dashboard, door pads and roofline, for completely new ones that are from the S11 variant of the SUV. The dashboard is all new and gets the revised instrument console and centre console, with the latter having a new touchscreen infotainment system, AC vents and controls for the AC.

The entire cabin gets a dual-tone combination of black with white, just like the latest Scorpio gets. The door panels of the SUV have been heavily reworked with the placement of power window switches, new door handles and bottle holders in them, just like in the S11 variant of the new Scorpio. The side windows have been changed as well, along with rubber linings and garnishes on the outside. The SUV also gets new door handles and roof rails to make it resemble closer to the new S11 variant. More extensive changes on the inside include all-new seats with captain seat arrangement in the middle row, starry roof package and new flooring.

All the changes are limited to the exterior and interior of the SUV, with no changes introduced under the hood. This heavily revised Scorpio still has the same unaltered diesel engine of the first generation 2003 model.

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