15 year-old Maruti Suzuki Gypsy beautifully restored to its original condition

Maruti Gypsy is a classic compact SUV which is still loved by many off-road enthusiasts across the country. It was an SUV that was once used by the Indian Army. It was popular among buyers for its simplicity, ease of maintenance and off-road capabilities. Maruti discontinued the production of Gypsy back in 2019 due to the new emission and safety norms. It is still a commonly spotted car in many SUV owners or off-road enthusiasts group. Here we have a video where a 2006 model Maruti Gypsy is neatly restored to its original condition.

The video has been uploaded by Vroom Vroom Restoration on their YouTube channel. Video does not show the Gypsy used to look when it had arrived at the workshop. Vlogger mentions that the buyer of this Gypsy had seen their videos and got in touch with them over the phone from USA.

The first thing that you would notice about this Gypsy is the quality. The car looks extremely good and it looks like a Gypsy that has just rolled out of the production line. As per the video, the car was completely restored to its original condition. The Gypsy gets a dark green shade which looks extremely good. The front grille, headlamps, Suzuki logo on the grille are all restored.

15 year-old Maruti Suzuki Gypsy beautifully restored to its original condition

It still runs on stock steel rims but, one additional feature that it has from any other standard Gypsy are the free wheel hubs or locking hubs on the front wheel. This was bought and sent by the customer from USA. Each and every sticker and badge on the car is original. It looks like the car was completely taken down once it reached the garage and they rebuild it from scratch.

Every panel on this SUV was brought back to its original condition which we guess would have taken a lot of time and labour. The underbody of the car was repainted in black. The engine was also restored. It still uses the same 1.3 litre petrol engine which generates 80 Bhp and 103 Nm of peak torque. When compared to many modern cars, these figures may not look like a lot but, the lightweight body along with this engine meant Gypsy can be driven on almost every surface.

The interiors on this Maruti Gypsy were also restored. As the customer wanted an original Gypsy, vlogger gave them that only. There is no AC, no power steering or any other modern features that one would see in a modern day car. The seats are all fabric and the rear gets bench type side facing seats. This is a soft top version and car comes with a towing hook mounted to the frame at the rear. The work done on this Maruti Gypsy looks very neat and the reaction of the customers say clearly that it does not look like an old 2006 model Maruti Gypsy from any angle.

Maruti discontinued Gypsy and last year at the Auto Expo showcased Jimny which is a much more modern looking version of Gypsy. It is already on sale in international market. Jimny is so popular abroad that Suzuki had to start production of Jimny in India to meet the demand. The SUV is currently manufactured for export purposes but, a 5-door version of the Jimny will be launched in the market soon.

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