2007 Mahindra Scorpio converted to the latest model for just Rs 1 lakh

There are many who like to keep their vehicles for a long time. However, over the years, the manufacturers launch facelifted versions that make the older vehicles look obsolete and outdated. That is why many go for transformations and conversions that can make an old vehicle look like the latest model. Here is one such video that shows a 2007 Mahindra Scorpio transformed into the latest model.

The transformation job is done by Mr Dhruv Arora and the video was uploaded to his YouTube channel. Before the changes, the video shows the condition of the 2007 Scorpio on video. It looks in extremely bad condition and it has rust all over the body including the floor. Nonetheless, the final transformation job looks extremely well executed and a quality job. The video says that the price of the external modification is Rs 1.05 lakh and the cost of the cabin and the exterior modification is around Rs 1.85 lakh. There are many other changes in the vehicle including a new AC unit, a new transmission and more that are not included in the cost mentioned above.

Starting with the front, the transformation job is quite detailed and it is well-executed. It gets a new grille in the front, a new bumper, and also a modified bonnet hood that makes it look like the latest Scorpio. The body also gets thick cladding all around and it is similar to the new Scorpio. The front fender also gets a plastic attachment giving the proper look of the latest Scorpio. The vehicle has got new side steps that also look great. At the rear, the tailgate is new and also the bumper is updated to match the look of the new Scorpio. The roof-mounted spoiler gets aftermarket lamps.

Updated cabin as well

The conversion job has also transformed the cabin thoroughly. It gets a new look with aftermarket upholstery finished in dual-tone brown and black. Also, there are other updates like a new infotainment system that is touch-sensitive and gets Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. There are new speakers and very comfortable looking seat covers. There are a host of accessories that the owner has installed to make the car look modern.

For example, the car gets original power windows in all four doors. It also comes with a long warranty. The ORVMs are powered and have integrated LED turn indicators too. There are many such small changes and additions to make life easier while driving this vehicle. The engine of this vehicle also gets an overhaul and it has now become much smoother too. Diesel engines have a long life and if it gets proper servicing, it can last for lakhs of kilometres without a problem.

Such modifications are legal according to the law book. Since there are no physical changes in the vehicle and most of the parts installed are original OEM parts. We are sure that there will no problem if a cop stops you for checking the vehicle. The job is done also looks very neat.