2008 Maruti Suzuki Swift beautifully restored to look brand new

Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer and one of the most popular hatchback sold by the manufacturer is Maruti Swift. It has been present in the Indian market for almost 15 years and the popularity of this small hatchback doesn’t seem to come down. It is one of those rare cars that is loved by buyers of all age group.

Maruti Swift is actually a very popular car int themodification circles and we have seen several examples of the same in the past. Here we have a first gen Maruti Swift that looks in bad condition from the outside. The video shows how beautifully this rusty Maruti Swift gets restored.

The video has been uploaded by BROTOMOTIV on their YouTube channel. The video starts by showing the condition of the car when it had arrived at the workshop. It is in bad shape with hundreds of minor and major dents and scratches on the car. The video mentions that, the car had multiple minor accidents in the past and the paint job on several parts of the car had started to fade away.

First thing that they do after bringing the car to the workshop was to correct all the dents and scratches. After clearing the dents, they use body filler and putty to level the dents to give it the body shape. Once the putty and filler was applied, the excess filler was sanded out to even a smooth finish. After the sanding process, a coat of primer is sprayed on the whole car.

Parts like doors, bonnet, boot, door handles were all taken down and primer was applied on them individually to get an even finish. Once the primer was applied, a coat of anti-rust coating was sprayed on the underbody of the car. After this, the Swift gets a red paint job.

Painting is done inside a paint booth to avoid dust and other particles sticking on the wet paint during the process. The car is repainted in red colour but, it is different from the original red shade that first gen Swift got. As per customer’s request, they had painted it in a shade a shade of red that is seen in current gen Swift.

All the parts like the bonnet, boot, doors and door handles have all been painted in red. The hatchback gets new bumpers both at the front and rear. The bumpers were also applied with primer and then the colour. After painting, a layer of clear coat was also applied on the car. It looks like the interior were left untouched. The finished products looks extremely beautifully. The paint job on this 2008 model Maruti Swift looks so clean that, it feels like car had just rolled out from the production line.

Maruti Suzuki recently launched 2021 version of the Swift with minor cosmetic changes and much more powerful engine. It is now powered by a 1.2 litre DualJet engine that generates 89 Ps and 113 Nm of torque. It now come with idle start stop system which will help in increasing the fuel efficiency. Price for the new 2021 Maruti Swift starts at Rs 5.73 lakh and goes up to Rs 8.41 lakh, ex-showroom.