Owner reveals price of converting 2009 Mahindra Scorpio to 2020 model

A couple of weeks ago, we should you how the owner of a 2009 Scorpio upgraded his vehicle to make it look like a 2020 model. Well, in a video, the owner has revealed the cost of the changes and also shared the details on the modification.

The owner of the car also shows the pre-modification condition of the vehicle and the video shows the SUV from all around. It is an older-generation model in white colour but the condition seems to be in a decent condition. The person says in the video that he has sourced the parts of the vehicle from different locations. The headlamps, bonnet lid, tail gate and most other parts like fenders, bumper are sourced from Mayapuri, Delhi. It is a hub for car parts and you can almost find anything that you may want in this market at affordable prices. All these are from old cars, which are either accidental or have been written off as a total loss by the insurance after an accident.

Parts like fog lamps, fog lamp housings, and monikers on the fenders are new and have been bought as new parts from the market. Moreover, the owner also says that he plans to upgrade the alloy wheels and add the new ones available with the current model. For that, he will need to change the PCD of the wheels and for that, he will need to install spacers. He is not going to modify the original hubs of the SUV. The rear windshield is also new and so is the rear bumper.

He has done a lot of changes to the vehicle and also plans to install a lot of new parts in the future. However, there are a lot of parts from the older Scorpio that has been carried over like the rear wiper motor and many such parts. A lot of work has happened in this vehicle to make it look like the new Scorpio but the overall price of the vehicle is much affordable.

According to the price list shared by him, it costed him around Rs 84,150 to upgrade the vehicle from older-generation to the new generation. This also includes denting work worth Rs 10,000 and Rs 22,000 worth of painting work. The vehicle is converted to the top-end S11 version. The whole project was done in less than 25 days, which is not a long time.

The exact reading of the odometer of this Scorpio is not known yet. However, since it is a diesel engine, you can expect it to work for lakhs of kilometres without much of a problem or issues. Generally, the diesel engines have a life for several lakh kilometres and there are many old generation Mahindra Scorpio models that have covered long distances.