This 2009 Mahindra Scorpio converted into a 2019 model looks NEAT

Mahindra Scorpio has been one of the most popular SUV in the Indian market. Ever since it was launched in the market, it was a big hit and still doing great. It became popular among buyers for its bulky muscular SUV look and stance and the price at which it was being offered. Mahindra constantly came up with updates to maintain the sales momentum and they have been successful in that to some extent. Now Mahindra is working on next-generation Scorpio which will be launched in the market some time next year. We have seen several modification videos with Mahindra Scorpio in the past and here we have a video that shows how an old 2009 model Mahindra Scorpio has been beautifully converted into a 2019 S10 model.

The video has been uploaded by Bharat Motors on their youtube channel. The video starts by showing the old vehicle and the condition of it when it had arrived at the workshop. Condition of the 2009 Scorpio was pathetic as the exterior had a lot dents, scratches and rust on it. The paint had also started to fade away at places. Interior was also in a bad state. The dashboard, instrument cluster cup holders and door pads were all worn out and the fabric on the seats and door pads were also torn.

In order to do this conversion job, they start by removing the glasses, tail gate, front and rear bumper, bonnet and side cladding. The headlights and tail lights were removed too. Once the parts were taken down, they remove all the seats, dashboard and other components from inside. Once everything was removed, they start working on the dents and scratches that was there on the body. They corrected all the dents with filler and later on sanded it to give it a smooth finish.

Along with the dents, the panels on the car were also changes. It got the new side claddings and bumper along with new front grille with illuminated Scorpio badging on it. They had to make minor changes at the front to accommodate the new headlights and once that was done, the new projector type headlamps were also installed.

This 2009 Mahindra Scorpio converted into a 2019 model looks NEAT

The bonnet was replaced with the 2019 model and so was the rear door. After all the components were fixed, the whole car got a primer coating of paint and after that another layer of filler coating was done at places were it had minor scratches. After this, the whole car was pressure washed and spray painted in classic black colour.

The finished product looked like a 2019 Mahindra Scorpio SUV from outside. The only odd looking part in this SUV were the steel rims, if that was also upgraded, then it would have been very difficult for anyone to figure out whether it is an old Scorpio or new. Along with the exterior, the interior of the Scorpio were also redone and the dashboard and seats were given a tan shade along with a touchscreen infotainment screen and aftermarket ambient lights. Several components used in this project are genuine Mahindra products and not aftermarket units. The approximate cost of this 2009 to 2019 Mahindra Scorpio conversion is Rs 1.5 lakh.