200cc Mini Bullet from Royal Enfield: Watch this motorcycle fire up [Video]

The Royal Enfield has become a cult brand in India. It has lived longer than any motorcycle brand present in the world and over the years Royal Enfield has given us some spectacular motorcycles. Here is one such interesting Royal Enfield Bullet 200cc and a rare video of firing it up.

Royal Enfield Mini Bullet

The production of the Enfield was stopped in 1971 in England. The Indian arm of the brand started manufacturing the Enfield 200 in India which was later known as the Mini Bullet 200. This was done to thrive on the already established name of the Royal Enfield Bullet in the Indian market.

There are not many examples of the bike today and only a few true enthusiasts and collectors have the bike in their garage. This is a rare working model that seems to be in an immaculate condition. The Mini Bullet 200 is derived from the 173cc Villiers engine powered Crusader that was a popular choice of the racing enthusiasts in those days.

The bike shares many parts with the Royal Enfield 350cc Bullet too, that makes gives it the name – the Mini Bullet. The Mini Bullet is powered by a 197cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder air-cooled engine and sounds heavenly. It produced a maximum of 12.7 Bhp – 14 Nm.

200cc Mini Bullet from Royal Enfield: Watch this motorcycle fire up [Video]

The 2-stroke engine of the bike makes it sound like a true old-charmer. It also gets a smaller dimension than the Bullet 350. The bike seen in the video seems to be in mint condition with red paint. The bike has got no sign of rust even after years of usage and it also starts with a single kick. It seems like the person who owns the bike has a passion for motorcycles and it shows in the condition of the bike.

It was smack in the middle of the two-stroke era that the bike was launched. It is something that almost every enthusiast miss out in the modern days. 2-stroke bikes are known for their quick acceleration that can even outrun the bigger capacity bikes. Even though they are not around anymore due to the stringent pollution norms, many excellently maintained examples of 2-stroke bikes, like the one featured above, are still around.