2010 Maruti Suzuki Alto painted in Lamborghini Verde Ermes Green is eye-catching [Video]

The age of a car is irrelevant to those who genuinely adore their automobile. Some people even go farther in expressing their affection for old automobiles by restoring them to like-new, showroom quality. Recently, a video of a rusty old Maruti Suzuki Alto that was completely restored was shared on YouTube. One of the most unique parts about this restoration job was that it was repainted with the Italian supercar manufacturer Lamborghini’s ad personam Verde Ermes Green paint shade.

The video of the restoration of this old Maruti Suzuki Alto has been shared on YouTube by Brotomitv, a channel that shares videos of the complete transformation of cars that arrive at their shop. The video begins with the presenter and owner of the shop introducing the vehicle. He states that the car is a 2010 Maruti Suzuki Alto and they will paint this vehicle in Lamborghini’s Verde Ermes Green color. The video then shows the before shots of the car from all angles, and we can note that it is in pretty rough shape.

Following this, the video shows a technician wearing a GoPro camera on his head, which shows the first-person perspective of working on a car. The technician then starts disassembling the car. He begins by removing the number plate and then goes on to remove the front bumper of the car. Following this, he then starts removing the door cards and takes out the window glasses as well. The technician, after the disassembly, starts with the dent removal process and can be seen using hammers and dent-pulling machines to fix all the dents and dings on the bonnet, doors, and other panels of the car.

After this, a few more technicians join in on the work and start removing the dashboard of the car to reveal the rusted firewall of the Alto. The presenter then explains that they had first anticipated that the car would definitely have some rust as they could see it on the surface, but the extent to which it had rust was not expected. He then stated that working with rust-eroded cars is pretty difficult and seemingly small rust issues could also affect the time period of work and can also hamper the quality of paint. He then added that despite this, they still went on with the work and tried to minimize the cost for the owner as much as they could.

2010 Maruti Suzuki Alto painted in Lamborghini Verde Ermes Green is eye-catching [Video]

The technicians can then be seen patching up the rusted panels. Following this, the presenter mentions that as the entire car was already disassembled, the owner of the car asked them to also paint the interior of the car in the same color as well. Following the interior paint, the car then gets coated with bondo and glazing putty and it sanded until smooth so that the paint is done with utmost perfection. Following this part, the car then gets into the paint booth, and the Verde Ermes Green color is then painted on the car.

After the painting process is complete, the car gets fully reassembled, and then it goes on for further detailing. The car then gets wet sanded, and it gets a buff and polish to enhance its shine. Following the entire process, the owner of the car, along with his family, takes the delivery of the car from the shop.

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