2010 model Hindustan Ambassador Grand in a detailed walkaround video

hindustan ambassador walkaround

Hindustan Motors played a crucial role in Indian automotive history. The car was launched in 1958 and remained in production until 2014. Before Maruti, Hindustan Motors was the largest car manufacturer in India, offering models like the Ambassador and Contessa in their lineup. The Ambassador was often considered a status symbol and served as transportation for politicians, diplomats, and senior government officials for decades. Even today, there are several well-preserved examples of an Ambassador, and many people still appreciate its ride quality and seat comfort.

Here, we have a video in which a vlogger provides a detailed walkaround of a 2010 model Ambassador Grand. The video has been shared by Namaste Car on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger discusses the history of the brand and the available engine options for the Ambassador. It’s worth noting that the car featured in the video is a stock vehicle, and no restoration work has been done on it.

The front grille is finished in chrome, indicating that this Ambassador is from a later generation known as the Ambassador Grand. The car features body-colored bumpers, round halogen headlamps, and a chrome-plated front grille, among other features. It appears that the car may have been used by a government department, as it is finished in white and comes with stock steel rims and Ambassador wheel covers. Both the front and rear of the car are equipped with bull bars, which are entirely illegal for road use. The door handles on this car lack chrome garnishes, and the exterior design remains largely unchanged from older versions. Several parts of the car show visible signs of rust.

2010 model Hindustan Ambassador Grand in a detailed walkaround video
HM Ambassador Grand

Although the car looks aged and is not the most attractive one in the country, the vlogger proceeds to open the boot and demonstrate its spaciousness. He also reveals the spare wheel, located inside the boot. Additionally, he opens the rear door to showcase the comfortable seats, which feature fabric upholstery and maintain their original cushioning. This was one of the reasons why many people chose Ambassadors during that time. The vlogger points out the door pads but notes that the car lacks features like power windows, suggesting it may be a lower variant of the sedan.

Moving on, the vlogger explores the driver’s cabin. While the interior’s condition appears decent, it cannot be described as pristine, and the upholstery looks dirty. Given that this is a later generation model, the car comes equipped with basic features such as power steering and air conditioning. The driver’s seat offers recline adjustments and is paired with a manual transmission, as Hindustan Motors never offered an automatic transmission for the Ambassador. The center console includes a music player, and the three-spoke steering wheel and instrument cluster remain in their stock configuration. This particular vehicle is the diesel version, and according to the video, it has covered over 1 lakh kilometers. It is powered by a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine. The price for a Hindustan Ambassador started at around Rs 4.8 lakh, ex-showroom and went up to Rs 6.32 lakh, ex-showroom. Hindustan Motors also offered a CNG variant of the sedan in the market.