2011 Ford Fiesta for India: Photo gallery

After much hype and amidst speculations about the car, Ford today unveiled the new Fiesta. A lot has been changed in terms of design and the new Fiesta is well sculpted with plenty of lines to define its character. It is expected that the new Fiesta will sport fresh engines – a 1.6-litre, TiVCT petrol and a 1.6-litre TDCi diesel engine both of which have been married to responsive 5-speed manual gearboxes.

new ford fiesta side profile photo
Photo: New Ford Fiesta side profile

Ford’s kinetic design gives the car an aggressive stance coupled with the illusion of constant motion. The wheel arches and side panels are well defined and exude confidence. The ORVM (Outside Rear View Mirror) come with integrated indicator lights adding to their functionality.

new ford fiesta interior photo
Photo: New Ford Fiesta interiors

Ford’s cockpit like interior is soothing to look at and also boasts best in class sound dampeners, allowing very little noise to filter into the cabin. The Central dash console has a button layout reminiscent of a traditional cell-phone keypad. The steering is equipped with audio controls and the black and silver theme works well for the vehicle.

new ford fiesta photo
Photo: All New Ford Fiesta

The Fiesta sits pretty in blue with masculine styling and clear headlamps that are complimented by the new Ford grille. The eight spoke alloy wheels fit snugly in under the large wheel arches. The bumper also sports oval docks where the fog lamps have been fit.

2011 ford fiesta boot photo

The new Fiesta’s rear is subtle and the high set boot offers reasonable space, allowing you to carry most of your luggage. It will however not suffice if you have packed for a long road trip. The rear bumper is embezzled with parking sensors which help the driver maneuver the vehicle into India’s traditionally small  parking spaces.

2011 ford fiesta headlamp photo

The Fiesta’s front headlamps house three lamps one for the high beam, a second lamp for the low beam and a small lamp for the indicators. The tip of the cluster has slight aberrations which are part of the design.

2011 ford fiesta indicator photo

Adding to the Fiesta’s premium feel are side mirror integrated indicator lamps. The body coloured ORVM’s have now become a characteristic feature of all vehicles which are or tout to be luxurious and up-market.

2011 ford fiesta grille photo

The trapezium shaped intake slot on the bumper houses the license plate of the Fiesta and is radically different from what we saw in the older Fiesta and the new Fiesta Classic models.

2011 ford fiesta wheel and tyre pic

Taking cue from other car manufacturer’s Ford has provided trendy 15 inch alloy wheels for the new Fiesta which has the distinctive Ford logo in the centre.

2011 fiesta boot picture

The rear of the car is high and the tail lamps are virtually on the upper edge of the Fiesta’s boot. The reverse gear light and the indicators are surrounded by the brake light giving them a fresh, attractive look. The design of the rear tail lamp cluster is similar to the Maruti Suzuki Sx4 only smaller and more compressed.

2011 fiesta steering photo

The steering mounted audio controls are just the tip of the iceberg when one looks at the Fiesta’s feature list. The buttons are well contoured and fall to hand easily without having to lose grip of the steering

2011 ford fiesta stalks

The indicator stalk is on the left of the Fiesta’s steering something we are seeing more and more in India. However in a right hand drive country it is better to have the light stalk to the right and the wiper stalk to the left. In the Fiesta’s case the light stalk also houses the button for the trip meter and the voice recognition system.

2011 ford fiesta instrumentation

The central Dash console is lit with a cool red back-light and all buttons are easily accessible. The design seems to encourage users to use the in car Bluetooth system instead of a mobile phone or a hands-free device to take calls while driving; which is otherwise a bane for fellow drivers.

2011 ford fiesta phone connectivity

In keeping with the widespread trend the Fiesta is an ally to most of your gizmo’s and will happily play ‘partner in crime’ to your i-pod’s, Mobile phones and Bluetooth enabled music players.

2011 ford fiesta USB photo

For those who have a more traditional approach to in-car entertainment the Fiesta also has a USB port and auxiliary input port. It also houses a 12v/10A power outlet for keeping your battery alive on those long out of home drives.

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