2014 Indian Auto Expo: Bajaj Auto U-Car concept unveiled

Snapshot: Earlier in the day, Bajaj Auto unveiled the U-Car concept at the ongoing 2014 Indian Auto Expo. The U-Car concept is a city car that aims to fit in two adults in a compact, 250 kilogram form larger than a two wheeler but smaller than a full-size car. The car is shod with tall tyres whose radii won’t be out of place on a modern day SUV.

Net-net, the U-Car from Bajaj – with its compact form and tall wheels – seems poised to handle the rigors that urban road and traffic conditions can throw at it in one of the most chaotically trafficated parts of the world – India. The U-Car concept uses a 200 cc petrol powered engine whose specifications seem very similar to the one that powers the Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS motorcycle.

The Bajaj U-Car concept’s engine is liquid cooled and fuel injected. The engine uses triple spark ignition and drives the front wheels of the car by means of an automatic transmission. Convenience is written all over the car, with the dollop on the package being the scissor-style doors. From the looks of it, the U-Car is more of a concept that showcases Bajaj Auto’s ability to come up with something that not just radical but is also practical.

However, a production time frame for the U-Car doesn’t seem to be on the horizon anytime too soon, especially considering the uphill struggle that Bajaj Auto is having to face to bring the RE60 quadricycle to the market. All said, the Bajaj U-Car is quite significant in that it does open up the possibility of a compact city car/quadricycle  that can transform urban mobility on Indian roads, where space is at a premium.