2014 Indian Auto Expo: Mahindra showcases the XUV500 Hybrid and the Quanto Semi-Automatic SUVs

2014 Indian Auto Expo: Mahindra showcases the XUV500 Hybrid and the Quanto Semi-Automatic SUVs
Mahindra XUV500 Hybrid Crossover

Snapshot: Mahindra had somewhat of a quiet 2014 Auto Expo what with the Indian car and utility vehicle maker not debuting any all-new car. However, Mahindra did manage to showcase two interesting concepts, both of which could go into production in a year’s time from now in the form of the XUV500 Diesel Hybrid and the Quanto equipped with an automated manual transmission (AMT). 

The Mahindra XUV500 Diesel Hybrid is powered by a 2.2 liter mHawk turbo diesel engine and an electric motor, giving the crossover its hybrid credentials. The electric motor of the XUV500 essentially reduces the load on the internal combustion diesel engine by assisting the diesel motor during acceleration.

The XUV500 Diesel Hybrid also gets a brake energy regeneration system that recharges the lithium ion batteries of the electric motor during braking maneouvers. The combination of the diesel engine and the electric motor is said to make the XUV500 not just faster in terms of outright performance but also more fuel efficient to the tune of 18 %.

The Mahindra XUV500 Diesel Hybrid will hit production in a year’s time. So, when Mahindra does give the XUV500 a mid-life facelift next year, the automaker is expected to add the diesel hybrid variant to the successful crossover’s variant line up.

Talking of the other major unveil by Mahindra – the Quanto compact SUV equipped with an AMT – the new variant is the automaker’s latest attempt to re-package the Quanto as an able urban warrior. The Quanto’s AMT is a 5 speed unit that dispenses with a manual, driver operated clutch.

In a sense, the Quanto AMT is also a kind of dress rehearsal for more Mahindra SUVs equipped with the AMT. Therefore, the Quanto AMT is quite an important unveil as it shows the path that Mahindra plans to take for its future range of SUVs.

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