2014 JDM Suzuki Swift and its new mileage boosting tech

JDM Suzuki Swift facelift gets dual jet K-Series petrol engine, start-stop and brake energy regeneration

The Hindi phrase “Kitna deti hain?” roughly translates into “What’s the mileage?” in English. This oft repeated phrase is a standard conversation starter at traffic lights in India, with curious motorists quizzing every other new car or motorcycle owner. Why, Maruti Suzuki even ran a “Kitna deti hain” campaign to assert how fuel efficient its cars were, instantly striking a chord with the small car buying populace of India and reaffirming India’s obsession with fuel high efficiency.

2014 JDM Suzuki Swift and its new mileage boosting tech

So, when the Swift becomes more fuel efficient, it’s something that the average hatchback buyer in India looks forward to. Suzuki has showcased the JDM version of the Swift facelift at the ongoing Tokyo Motor Show. The JDM version of the Swift, which features a 1.2 liter K-series petrol engine with Dualjet injector technology, start-stop and brake energy regeneration is touted to deliver a mileage of 26.4 Kmpl. Well, that’s nearly 8 Kmpl more than the ARAI certified fuel efficiency figure of 18.6 Kmpl for the Indian Swift.

2014 JDM Suzuki Swift and its new mileage boosting tech

Apart from the higher mileage figure, the facelifted JDM Swift features an instrumentation console that changes colour depending on throttle inputs and the brake energy regeneration system’s working. Also, a reprofiled front bumper with integrated LED daytime running lamps, projector headlamps, a new grille and revised alloy wheels are the visual changes on the facelifted 2014 Swift hatchback. The interesting takeaway from the 2014 JDM Swift’s showcasing is that the changes are eventually expected to appear on the India-spec facelifted Swift, likely to be launched here in 2014.

The interesting bits of the facelifted Swift will involve the mileage boosting features: Dualjet injector technology, start-stop and brake energy regeneration. Talking of Dualjet technology, Suzuki now uses two injectors per cylinder, a mileage boosting solution that is cheaper than the piezo electric injectors found in direct injection motors. The twin injectors allows Suzuki to bump up the compression ratio to boost power and mileage. Bumping up compression ratio without compensating by using high octane fuel of retarding engine timing usually results in pinging/knocking.

This is where the Dualjet injector technology comes into its own. The twin injectors are placed closer to the combustion chamber to avoid knocking. Also, the dual injectors inject fuel into two ports instead of one, for more complete combustion. This system has been optimized to boost fuel efficiency. Along with start-stop and brake energy regeneration (ENE-CHARGE), the 2014 JDM Swift delivers a much better mileage figure than the pre-facelift model. Also, the 2014 JDM Swift used ECO-COOL (A fluid to cool air coming from the air conditioner even when the engine is switched off through the start-stop system) and low resistance tyres.

Interestingly, Suzuki has deployed the Dualjet injection technology, brake energy regeneration and start-stop systems to the 1 liter K-Series petrol engine, used by the likes of the A-Star and WagonR. Expect major fuel efficiency increments in this engine as well. India, being a highly mileage conscious market, is likely to get both the 1 liter and 1.2 liter K-Series petrol engines with the new mileage boosting tech additions. The first cars to feature these inputs are likely to hit Indian roads next year.