2014 model Mahindra Scorpio completely transformed into a 2021 model

Scorpio has been a popular SUV and has been present in the market for a very long time. Over the years, Mahindra has made changes to the Scorpio to maintain buyers interest. The manufacturer is now working on an all-new Scorpio and the same is expected to be launched in the market some time later this year. There are several modification options available for Mahindra Scorpio in the country and many of them have been featured on our website as well. Here we have a modification video where a 2014 model Mahindra Scorpio is completely transformed into a 2021 model.

The video has been uploaded by The Car Garage on their YouTube channel. The video shows how a 2014 model Scorpio was neatly converted into a 2021 model. First thing that was done to the car was take down the headlamps, front grille, bumper and grille. The front fenders were removed. Claddings around the wheel arches were also removed from the car.

Once this was done, the tie member on the Mahindra Scorpio was taken down. This was done because the 2014 model tie member does not have provisions for holding the new headlamps and fenders. The old tie member was replaced with a current generation Scorpio unit. Once the new tie member was installed, they started fixing the new headlamps, grille, front fenders and bumper.

The bonnet was also replaced in this Scorpio. It now gets hydraulic struts for the bonnet. The workers looked for any panel gaps before finally fixing the panels. The car was then sent for denting work. All the the minor scratches and dents on the car were fixed. At the rear, the old tail gate was replaced with a unit from a current generation Scorpio. The old tail lamps were also replaced along with the rear bumper.

2014 model Mahindra Scorpio completely transformed into a 2021 model

Meanwhile, the work on the interiors of this car was also being carried out. The dashboard was completely stripped down. The plastic panels on the doors and pillars were all removed and repainted in grey shade. The old dashboard on this SUV was replaced with a current version unit. The steering wheel, gear knob were also replaced in the SUV. Overall, the car was looking pretty good on the inside.

The car was then sent for complete paint job. The SUV got pearl white shade sprayed on it. It is a popular shade on the Scorpio. The steel rims on the 2014 Mahindra Scorpio were replaced with an all-black 20 inch aftermarket alloy wheel. Overall, the work done on this Scorpio looks brilliant. It would be hard for anyone to tell by looking that it is a 2014 model SUV.

Vlogger also mentions the cost this modification work in the video. He said, in order to convert the 2014 model to a current version S11 model, it would cost around 2.30 lakh. Just for the exteriors, it would cost Rs 1.30 lakh and the interior would cost a lakh more. The 20 inch alloy wheels were not part of the package and cost of the alloys differ depending upon the size and design.