2014 Renault Duster SUV going for Massive Discounts

2014 Renault Duster SUV going for Massive Discounts

French automaker Renault has lined up a massive discount on the Duster SUV’s RxL AWD variant. The discounts amounts to nearly 1.75 lakh rupees, and this includes the 1st year insurance which is being given away for 1 rupee. The Duster RxL AWD variant is now available for 10.99 lakh rupees, which means that it gets a hefty price cut of 1.48 lakh rupees, in a direct discount, and around 25-27 thousand rupees in terms of the discounted insurance offer. There’s a catch though.

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This discount is applicable only for the 2014 year manufactured Duster AWD, which means that the discounted vehicle you’ll drive home would have been lying in the stockyard for a couple of months, albeit unused. The Duster AWD is a fantastic vehicle as far as its capabilities are concerned, in the city, on the highway and off the road. The all wheel drive system consists of three modes – two/front wheel drive, automatic all wheel drive that interferes when it detects wheel slip, and a full time AWD mode with low ratio that can be used to tackle slippery stuff.

CarToq’s Review of the Renault Duster AWD

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This apart, the AWD mechanism of the vehicle also gives the vehicle multiple features such as traction control and hill hold assist, both of which prove to be extremely usable additions for real world conditions. Independent rear suspension makes the ride flatter than ever. The RxL variant does miss cruise control and the touch screen infotainment interface though, which also adds satellite navigation. The 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel engine in 108 Bhp-248 Nm state of tune on the front wheel driven variant took some time to wake the turbo up and come into its own.

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On the AWD variant though, the shortened first and second gears make short of the turbo lag, instead working around it to deliver peppy performance right from word go. The AWD variant’s manual actually talks about how you needn’t use the first gear for taking off from standing starts. Now, that’s one example of an off road oriented feature working very well on the road. Meanwhile, Renault is also offering 1 rupee insurance on all variants of the Duster, along with additional 15,000 rupee discounts on the 85 PS RxL and RxL Option variants. You’ve got to hurry as these offers are valid only up to the 28th of February, 2015.