2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift sighted in India

Snapshot: Volkswagen India has begun testing the 2014 Polo hatchback facelift on Indian roads. The first ever sighting of the facelifted version of the Polo is coming from Chakan, off Pune, just outside Volkswagen’s Indian factory. The 2014 Polo Facelift features GT TSI badging, and the changes on the car are milder than those on the Euro-spec version. Volkswagen India is expected to launch the facelifted Polo later this year.

2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift Pic
2014 Volkswagen Polo Facelift

As mentioned earlier, the changes on the India-spec version of the 2014 Polo facelift are minimal at best. The car gets a new front bumper with a prominent chrome strip. The headlamps get nattier but don’t go the whole hog to adopt the full-LED units of the Euro-spec versions. On the inside, the India-spec Polo facelift doesn’t seem to see any changes while the rear end gets a re-profiled bumper. This is pretty much what’s new on the cosmetics front, on the 2014 Polo destined for India.

Volkswagen has replaced the 1.2 liter and 1.6 liter TDI turbo diesel engines on the Euro-spec Polo, with a new triple cylinder-1.4 liter TDI unit. The new 1.4 liter TDI turbo diesel motor is available in 75 PS, 90 PS and 105 PS states of tune. The torque on the base tune of this engine is bumped up to 210 Nm, significantly higher than 180 Nm output of the 1.2 liter TDI-3 cylinder unit. The 210 Nm of torque is also available right from 1,500 rpm, making the motor more tractable.

While 3 cylinder engines aren’t the most refined units, especially with the 1.2 liter TDI motor of the current-Polo having a reputation for being gruff and noisy, Volkswagen has taken additional measures to dampen noise and vibration levels in the 1.4 TDI motor.  The new motor features a dual mass flywheel, balancer shaft, new engine bearings, a newly designed engine cover and special oil pan facing shell to reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) levels.

However, it remains to be seen whether Volkswagen India brings the new 1.4 liter TDI turbo diesel motor to India through the 2014 Polo. The initial indications of Volkswagen India launching a new turbo diesel engine for the Polo remains positive as the German car making behemoth has plans of replacing the 1.6 liter-4 cylinder TDI engine with a downsized unit. This downsizing will happen on the Vento sedan as well, and the only question is when.

The Euro-spec Polo also sees a change in the petrol engine front, where the 1.2 liter MPI and TSI motors makes way for more fuel efficient, triple cylinder 1 liter MPI and TSI units. Apart from offering 5 speed manual gearboxes as standard, both the petrol and diesel engines of the 2014 Polo sold in Europe will get dual clutch DSG automatic gearboxes as an option. Click here to check out images of the Euro-Spec 2014 Volkswagen Polo and read more about the car.

Images courtesy IndianAutosBlog