2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

It’s been an interesting year, the 2015, and while some cars prove their importance more than the rest (read: Significant Cars from 2015), the market favoured only a few. We look at them segment wise:


Entry-level hatchbacks

Winner: Maruti Suzuki Alto

(Total sales: 2,71,803 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

Available in two versions – the K10 and the entry-level 800 – the Alto is one of MSIL’s strong offerings in the market. So strong that the sales have not gone below the 21k mark in 2015. Of course, there’s the threat called Renault Kwid out there, but as of now, the Alto remains the leader.

Loser: Chevrolet Spark

(Total sales: 684 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The entry-level offering in the Chevrolet line-up might be a reworked Deawoo Matiz (which was well appreciated during its time), but it has become too old now. Sales figures haven’t breached the 200-unit barrier in the first half, and no cars were shipped as the company decided to cease production.


Winner: Maruti Suzuki Wagon-R

(Total sales: 1,68,083 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The segment just above the entry-level ‘A’ segment is ‘B1’, and the car here are certainly bigger and more powerful. After being on sale for about one and a half decades, the tallboy continues to rule the segment at somewhere between 12k and 15k units every month. The recent inclusion of AMT gearbox is going to take things further.

Loser: Chevrolet Beat

(Total sales: 12,499 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

While it’s the Datsun Go manages close to 500 units every month, it’s the Chevrolet Beat that has suffered the maximum. Sales have come down drastically and the vehicle only manages close to a thousand units on average (first half of the year was much better, while during the second half, it couldn’t reach the four-digit sales).

Midsize and Premium hatchbacks

Winner: Maruti Suzuki Swift

(Total sales: 2,09,786 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

Although the surprise called Maruti Suzuki Baleno might have eventually snatched some of the Swift’s share from the market, the Swift managed to be the best seller almost the whole year. Averaging between 16k and 19k sales units (except for November in which it could only do about 11.9k sales), the Swift managed to keep the hugely successful Elite i20 away from the top spot.

Loser: Maruti Ritz

(Total sales: 22,515 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

While there are other low-number players like the Fiat Punto Evo, Nissan Micra, Renault Scala, etc., but it was the Ritz that showed the maximum YoY loss (year on year). Overshadowed by the Swift right from the time it was launched, the Ritz hasn’t managed to catch up this year. To make it worse, MSIL now has a smaller diesel to take care of sales at the lower end (Celerio), while the Swift is as strong as ever. If there’s a car that desperately needs an update, then maybe this is it.

Compact/Entry-level saloon

Winner: Maruti Suzuki Swift Dzire

(Total sales: 2,36,450 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

At about 21k+ units per month (and dropping only to 17k at the worst), the Maruti Dzire is one car that seems to have won by quite a margin. The closest competitor manages about one-third of the sales, and even with new entrants in the segment, the Dzire’s sales remain unaffected.

Loser: Tata Zest

(Total sales: 26,116 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

While the Chevrolet Sail sedan hasn’t done well in the past few months, but given that it originally seldom touched the 1,000-unit mark, its three-digit sales are no surprise. The major loss in that regard has been the Tata Zest. It started with a bang, and was well appreciated as a product, but soon the sales tapered to about 2,000 units every month. It’s done better on occasions and deserves to do so, too.

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Midsize saloon

Winner: Honda City

(Total sales: 82,558 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

Following its introduction in a diesel-powered avatar, there’s no stopping the Honda City. And while the Ciaz is sitting at a close second spot, it will take some time (and maybe new players in the segment) to dethrone the City.

Loser: Ford Fiesta and Classic

(Total sales: 1,641 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

Sadly the enthusiasts’ favourite Fiesta and Classic have been reportedly discontinued by the company. Apart from the loss in figures, the company will no longer be present in the midsize saloon segment. And while the Aspire continues to bring decent numbers, if you’re looking for a bigger Ford saloon, there’s nothing that the company offers at the moment.

Compact SUV segment

Winner: Hyundai Creta

(Total sales: 36,243 from June onwards)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The Creta successfully injected the kind of excitement the segment desperately needed. With the EcoSport and the Duster growing older, the segment needed something new, and the Creta prove to be that. The vehicle now manages close to 7k units every month, which puts it on the top spot.

Loser: Renault Duster

(Total sales: 25106 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The Duster is in need of a facelift, and the sales figures continue to resonate the same feelings. From what looked like a stable 3k+ units per month, it has even touched a thousand for two months. The recently updated EcoSport, the new TUV300, and even strong competition from the mainstream SUV market (thanks to the new-ish Scorpio) have all worked against the Duster. And let’s not forget the Creta!

This was part I of the analysis. A part II with the remaining segments (midsize saloons, MPVs, D-segment saloons, etc.) will follow soon.

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Winner: Toyota Innova

(Total sales: 61369 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

While the recently updated Maruti Ertiga did come close to the Innova in terms of sales this year, it’s the more expensive and spacious car that sold the most. Buying one won’t make a lot of sense at the moment, though, since a new, much better Innova is on its way next year.

Loser: Nissan Evalia

(Total sales: 253 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The rest of the MPV market is nowhere close to either the Ertiga or the Innova, and even the third best ones didn’t manage a thousand monthly units. The worst performer was of course the Nissan Evalia, which might have not been a bad product, but it failed to connect with the Indian masses. Both the Evalia and the Ashok Leyland-branded Style were discontinued due to lack of interest.

Fullsize (Seven-Seat) SUVs

Winner: Mahindra Scorpio

(Total sales: 51,171 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

With a massive upgrade that happened last year, Mahindra appears to have found its ‘mojo’ back — no pun intended. While the Bolero leads the utility segment (averaging 7k units every month), it is the Scorpio that has the SUV market covered for Mahindra. The reason behind its success is down to the fact that it covers a wide range of buyers, while the rest (TUV, XUV, and even the Bolero) don’t fit in multiple scenarios as well.

Loser: Tata Safari Storme

(Total sales: 8346 units)

2015 Car & SUV Sales – Who won, who lost

The Safari might be priced higher, and now gets a more powerful engine too, but the sales charts are yet to speak in its favour. The vehicle is a massive improvement over anything and everything that Tata has sold in the segment, though. It continues to look classy, too.

Sales figures courtesy: Team-BHP

(Also, these are January – November 2015 sales)