2015 Ferrari 458 supercar successor Geneva bound

2015 Ferrari 458 supercar successor Geneva bound

Italian supercar maker Ferrari is all set to unveil the successor of the 458 Italia at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. The car will be is code-named 458M, and will come with massive mechanical changes. The 458 Italia successor will get a twin-turbocharged V8 motor under the hood. The engine will be a 3.8 litre unit based on the unit that powers the California and that has a capacity of 3855 cc. The current motor that powers the mid-size supercar is a 4.5 litre V8 unit that is naturally aspirated.

The new turbo petrol engine on the 2015 458 Italia is expected to break new technical ground for the Italian car manufacturer. The new engine will be producing a power output of 666 Bhp. Ferrari’s decision to dip below the 4 liter mark in terms of engine capacity for the 2015 458 Italia has to do with the tax structure in China, a big market for supercars. To get around the high taxes in China, Ferrari has given the engine capacity of the 2015 458 Italia a downsizing, and has added the turbochargers to help maintain the car’s performance edge.

The turbocharging also sees the torque output of the 2015 Ferrari 458 going up to a mammoth 745 Nm. With the 2015 458 Italia, Ferrari will squarely target the Mclaren 650S, which delivers 641 Bhp. An over square, high revving layout will be used on the new Ferrari. The new engine will be mated to a seven-speed Getrag 7DL750 dual-clutch automatic gearbox that is now being used on all Ferrari supercar models, from the California to the LaFerrari. The aerodynamics are likely to improve and the design of the new car is expected to be more of an evolution than a revolution.

Ferrari is not operational in India anymore and is in the process of finding a new distributor for its Indian operation. Once that happens, expect the 2015 458 Italia to come prancing into the country now that Lamborghini already sells the Huracan here.

Source Autocar UK