Ford Figo compact sedan spy photos

2015 Ford Figo-based compact sedan spied

The 2015 Figo will be followed by a compact sedan in India in all likelihood. But will it be too late for Ford?

Yesterday, we brought you pictures of 2015 Ford Figo. Spy photos of the future Figo compact sedan have already appeared online. Both the hatchback and the sedan will come to India only in 2015 which may be too late for the carmaker. The current Figo is already losing ground to other hatchbacks, such as the recently launched Grand i10.

The Ford Classic, a rebranded Mk5 Fiesta sedan, looks increasingly dated in the Indian car market’s entry level sedan space that’s populated by the likes of the Honda Amaze and the Maruti Swift Dzire. The compact sedan space is too big to ignore what with the segment consistently pulling monthly sales figures of over 20,000 units. So, Ford India will retire the Classic in the next couple of years, and will replace this car with a brand new model.

The new car, based on the 2015 Figo hatchback, has already been spotted doing testing duties at the United States. The car will however, be aimed mainly at emerging markets across the globe. Brazil and India are two countries in which Ford will launch the 2015 Figo-based compact sedan. The car is likely to hit Brazil first, in early 2015, after which it could make its way to the Indian car market. In Brazil, the Toyota Etios and Hyundai HB20 will be the prime rivals of the Ford compact sedan.

Like the 2015 Figo, the compact sedan will be built at Ford India’s new manufacturing facility that is coming up at Sanand, Gujarat. With Ford releasing imagery of the 2015 Figo, it isn’t difficult to imagine how the compact sedan version of this hatchback will look like. Apart from a boot attached to the rear, the compact sedan could more or less look like the 2015 Figo in design terms.

As the compact sedan will be based on a modified Mk5 Fiesta, as is the case with the 2015 Figo, engines and transmissions will be shared between the hatchback and sedan versions. Expect the 1 liter EcoBoost turbo petrol and the 1.5 liter TDCI turbo diesel motors to make it to the 2015 Figo based compact sedan’s engine bay. Interiors bits and features of the compact sedan could also be shared with the 2015 Figo.