2015 Ford Figo Hatchback and Compact Sedan - New Engine Details

2015 Ford Figo Hatchback and Compact Sedan – New Engine Details

Ford India’s two big launches for this year will be the new, 2015 Figo twins. The existing, European Fiesta platform of the Figo has been suitably tweaked to accommodate the two new cars. As the Figo twins will mainly sell in emerging markets, keeping costs low is essential to make for competitive price tags. This is a reason why the petrol engine that powers both the 2015 Figo hatchback and compact sedan, is a non-turbocharged version of the 1.0 liter-3 cylinder EcoBoost motor. For India though, Ford is said to have different plans.

2015 Ford Figo Compact Sedan Front

A new report suggests that the 1.0 liter non-turbo EcoBoost motor will be replaced by a 1.2 liter-4 cylinder Ti-VCT petrol engine. This engine is said to be a reworked version of the 1.2 liter Duratec motor that has been doing duty on the outgoing model of the Figo. This engine has not really distinguished itself in any aspect. It is neither a high performance motor nor a highly fuel efficient unit. In fact, the able chassis and suspension set ups of the current-Ford Figo Petrol beg for additional performance.

2015 Ford Figo Twins’ Trial Production Details

2015 Ford Figo Compact Sedan Rear


More power and torque will just be what the doctor ordered for the new cars. This is what the 1.2 liter Ti-VCT motor is expected to deliver, with twin over head camshafts, that gain variable cam timing. An 84 Bhp power output from the new 1.2 liter Ti-VCT motor, significantly higher than the 71 Bhp output of the current car’s 1.2 Duratec unit. A greater power output will give the 2015 Figo hatchback and compact sedan enough muster to take on market leaders, the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Dzire.

2015 Ford Figo Hatchback 1

Coming to the diesel motors on both cars, Ford has revealed that the 1.4 liter TDCI turbocharged unit will be replaced by the 1.5 liter unit, albeit in a detuned state. The 1.5 liter diesel is expected to output 74 Bhp-185 Nm, on both the 2015 Figo hatchback and compact sedan models. Serial production of both cars will shortly commence from the new Ford factory at Sanand, Gujarat. The compact sedan is expected to go on sale first, replacing the Classic, while the B+ segment hatchback will arrive a few months later, as the current-Figo’s replacement.

CarToq’s exclusive spyshots of the 2015 Figo hatchback, with minimal camouflage

2015 Ford Figo Hatchback Rear

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