2015 Jaguar XE luxury sedan unmasked ahead of Paris Motor Show debut

British luxury car marque Jaguar has unmasked the 2015 XE luxury sedan, ahead of this year’s Paris Motor Show. The car’s official unveil will happen weeks ahead of the Paris Motor Show, on the 8th of September, at London. The XE luxury sedan will be the automaker’s entry level offering, sitting below the XF sedan.

2015 Jaguar XE SVR High Performance Sedan Pic
2015 Jaguar XE SVR High Performance Sedan


The car is based on a brand new, aluminium intensive architecture, dubbed the iQ. Many future cars from Jaguar will use the iQ architecture, which marries the twin benefits of a low weight and high rigidity by using aluminium as the basis of the monocoque’s structure. The 2015 Jaguar XE sedan’s body uses 75 % aluminium.

The car will use a new range of Ingenium turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines developed in-house by Jaguar-Land Rover. These 4 cylinder engines will mark the end of Jaguar’s reliance on Ford supercharged petrol and Peugeot turbo diesel engines. The new engine range can also be configured for 3 cylinder and inline-6 cylinder layouts.

The hybrid-ready Ingenium range of engines will use direct injection, roller bearings for the cam shafts and idle stop mechanism as standard features. The turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines that can be mounted both longitudinally and transversely will also get low friction engine parts aimed at lowering fuel consumption and improving refinement. Certain variants of the car are touted to deliver fuel efficiency numbers of over 25 Kmpl.

Jaguar has been pitching the 2015 XE luxury sedan as a “driver’s car” in its segment. The sedan will come with a host of trick technologies such as the All Surface progress Control system (said to be a global first) and a new electric steering system that focuses on driving feel.

The top-end Jaguar XE sedan built as high performance variants will borrow the F-Type sportscar’s supercharged V6 petrol motor good for 375 Bhp and a 5.0-liter supercharged V8 petrol engine outputting 542 Bhp. The XE sedan is expected to arrive into India next year, with the CKD assembly route likely for the lower variants.