2015 Mahindra Scorpio SUV Facelift – This is IT

Mahindra & Mahindra’s latest SUV, the Scorpio Facelift, has just been unmasked. In design terms, the facelifted Scorpio seems all set to polarize opinion, with mixed opinions already ruling the roost on the interweb. While the facelift does bring a new design dimension to the SUV, certain parts of the design are clearly overdone. For instance, the rear of the Scorpio Facelift looks very busy, much at odds to the clean lines that the first generation Scorpio brought to the table.

2015 Mahindra Scorpio SUV Facelift – This is IT

In terms of interiors, the Scorpio Facelift is a big step up. The dashboard is completely redesigned. Beige elements find liberal usage and a touch screen multimedia panel occupies a prominent place on the center console. The control knobs on the center console seems well finished. The instrumentation console also adopts a new design. A rash of new features are said to have been added to the facelifted Scorpio, whose details will be revealed shortly.

In terms of mechanicals, the Scorpio gains a new 5 speed manual transmission while the 2.5 liter M2DiCR (75 Bhp-220 Nm) and 2.2 liter mHawk (120 Bhp-290 Nm) 4 cylinder turbo diesel engines are carried over. The ladder frame chassis sees hydroforming while the front and rear tracks get wider. The suspension at the front and rear has been revised, with the independent front end and torsion beam rear being retained.

The Scorpio will retain its rear wheel drive layout as standard fare while a shift-on-the-fly Born Warner four wheel drive system, with 4X4 low and 4X4 high ratios will be offered on the S4 and S10 variants. However, the four wheel drive layout equipped facelifted Scorpio SUVs are expected to hit the market a few weeks after the initial crop, all of which are likely to feature the rear wheel drive layout.

Mahindra will also serve up an automatic variant of the Scorpio a few weeks down the line. The facelifted Scorpio will be launched in India, on the 25th of September. In terms of pricing, the facelifted Scorpio is likely to start at about 8 lakh rupees.

Spyshots courtesy Team-BHP