2015 Mahindra U301 Bolero – New Spyshots reveal dashboard and sub-4 meter form

Mahindra is working on giving the next-generation U301 Bolero a sub-4 meter form factor and the latest set of spyshots of the MUV indicate just that. Internally code-named the U301, the next-generation Mahindra Bolero will arrive in 2015, 14 years after the Bolero was first introduced in India.

In the decade and half that the Bolero has been in production, Mahindra has given its best selling MUV a slew of improvements and design refreshes. However, the basic underpinnings of the MUV have held steadfast, and all this is about to change with the next-generation U301 model.

From the spyshots, the Bolero shows a much more compact form factor than the outgoing model. Also, the interiors get a big revamp. The clear spyshots of the MUV also reveal shorter front and rear overhangs, brought about by a smaller diesel engine under the hood and the sub-4 meter length. Longer versions with additional passenger capacity will also be produced.

The U301 version of the Bolero will have multiple body styles, just like the current version of the MUV. However, a new addition to the Bolero range will be a sub-4 meter model which is likely to make best use of lower excise duties charged for smaller cars by using the Quanto’s 1.5 liter twin turbo diesel engine.

Also, the 2015 U301 Bolero will use a hydroformed ladder frame chassis, one which lops off a considerable chunk of weight. With these changes in tow, the U301 Bolero is expected to be more fuel efficient than the outgoing model. The U301 Bolero could be an ideal replacement to the dud selling Quanto, at a similar price point.

A four wheel drive system, if added to the sub-4 meter U301 Bolero, could transform the MUV and push it into compact SUV territory. With a tough ladder frame, turbo diesel power, a four wheel drive system and a form factor that is butch, the U301 Bolero could prove to be everything that the Quanto should have originally been.

Spyshots courtesy MotorVikatan