2015 Mercedes Benz CLA luxury sedan bookings open in India

The upcoming 2015 Mercedes Benz CLA luxury sedan can now be pre-booked. The car will be launched in India on the 22nd of January, 2015, and will be the only MFA platform based model to be assembled at the German automaker’s Chakan assembly unit, off Pune. Other MFA based cars such as the GLA crossover, and the A-Class and B-Class hatchbacks will continue to be imported through the completely built unit (CBU) route. The CLA luxury sedan will be slotted under the C-Class in terms of price and positioning. The car is expected to be served up as a more luxurious alternative to the Audi A3 sedan.

The CLA sedan will be sold with two engine options. The petrol motor will be a 2 liter-4 cylinder unit that uses a turbocharger to make 181 Bhp of peak power and 300 Nm of peak torque. The diesel motor is the tried and tested 2.2 liter-4 cylinder turbocharged unit, a staple on many Mercedes Benz cars. The diesel engine outputs 134 Bhp-300 Nm. Both engines drive the front wheels of the car by means of 7 speed twin clutch automatic transmissions. The petrol engined CLA hits the 100 Kph mark from standstill in 7.8 seconds while the diesel powered model takes an additional two seconds for the same sprint.

Fuel Efficiency Champs in the Luxury Car Pack

The petrol also has the higher top speed of the two, 235 Kph in comparison to the diesel’s 220 Kph. Where the diesel really scores is in the fuel efficiency department. A 17.9 Kmpl claimed fuel economy figure, combined with the lower price per liter of diesel, makes the CLA 200 CDI model a frugal operator. The petrol powered CLA 200 manages a claimed fuel efficiency figure of 15.04 Kmpl. Mercedes Benz also sells a high performance version of the CLA dubbed the 45 AMG variant. Petrol powered, with an all wheel drive layout, the CLA 45 AMG is the most expensive variant in the car’s line up.