2015 U301 Next Generation Mahindra Bolero spotted in Germany

Mahindra will launch the next-generation Bolero, code-named the U301 in India next year. While the MUV has been spotted testing here multiple times, a rash of spyshots that show the Bolero testing in Germany have now hit the interweb. The spyshots showing the Bolero in action in Germany depict a full-bodied vehicle rather than a rag tag test mule. Under the camouflage, the butch and clean lines of the U301 2015 Bolero can clearly be discerned and we reckon that the new Bolero could turn out to be a handsome looker. Now, who wants a Jeep Renegade?

2015 U301 Next Generation Mahindra Bolero spotted in Germany

CarToq’s Exclusive Render of U301 Mahindra Bolero MUV

The Jeep Wrangler is said to be the inspiration behind the new U301 Bolero’s design and the sub-4 meter compact SUV model to be spun off the new vehicle will be aimed straight at the enthusiast brigade. The 1.5 liter twin turbo diesel engine from the Quanto is expected to power the U301 Bolero’s sub-4 meter variant, which is likely to seat 5 adults. Longer body styles that accommodate more than five passengers will also be built as the lion’s share of the current Bolero’s sales come from the cab market, where the MUV is well known as a rugged, abuse tolerant people mover.

In terms of mechanicals, the 2015 U301 Bolero is likely to feature a completely new ladder frame chassis, with hydroforming playing a part as a weight reduction measure. A rear wheel drive layout will be standard fare, while a four wheel drive layout could be served as an option on the top-end models. The U301 Bolero’s interiors are expected to be a mix of the utilitarian and the contemporary. The MUV’s sub-4 meter version will be positioned as a rugged alternate to crossovers such as the Ford EcoSport and the Renault Duster. A sub-7 lakh rupee starting price point, and positioning between the S101 and S102 monocoque bodied crossovers are the likely aspects of the U301 Bolero.

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