2015 Volvo XC90 luxury SUV based on SPA platform revealed

Chinese Geely owned Swedish luxury car maker Volvo has unveiled the 2015 XC90 luxury SUV, the first among a slew of Scalable Platform Architecture (SPA) based cars. The 2015 XC90 luxury SUV will arrive into India in the middle of next year, as a completely built unit. The XC90 will sit at the top of Volvo’s luxury SUV range.

2015 Volvo XC90 luxury SUV based on SPA platform revealed
2015 Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV

The 2015 XC90 replaces the outgoing, first generation model, which served Volvo for over 12 years. Like the outgoing version, the 2015 XC90 luxury SUV packs in seating for seven adults, in three rows, in a completely new form factor, with upmarket, redesigned interiors and a rash of new safety technologies.

2015 Volvo XC90 luxury SUV based on SPA platform revealed

In terms of design, the XC90 looks sharper than ever before, with a typically Teutonic design philosophy that aims to keep things minimalist. Riding on 21 inch allow wheels, the 2015 XC90 features T shaped daytime running LEDs, a prominent design highlight. The same approach is taken on the interiors-front as well, with the luxury SUV saying goodbye to a floating  center console, and instead replacing it with a clean, uncluttered layout that packs in luxury.
2015 Volvo XC90 luxury SUV based on SPA platform revealed

In terms of features, a touch screen display finds prominence on the center console, with a cloud connected satellite navigation system. The gear lever and start-stop button get a diamond-cut finish, to appeal like jewels on the XC90’s innards. The sound system on the 2015 XC90 is a 1400 W,19 speaker item from Bowers and Wilkins.

The 2nd generation XC90 SUV features Volvo’s new Drive-E engine range, which marries fuel sipping and high performance technologies such as the turbocharging and i-ART common rail injector tech. The XC90 will also feature plug-in hybrid engine options. The all wheel drive layout mechanism on the 2015 XC90 is also an all-new affair with completely revamped software.

The XC90’s base variant will be powered  by a D4, turbo diesel engine with an in-line four cylinder layout, and 187 Bhp-400 Nm outputs. The twin turbo version of the D4 engine, dubbed the D5, gets 225 Bhp-470 Nm outputs. The petrol motor is a 2 liter, inline-4 cylinder unit, available in T5 and T6 tunes.

While the T5 tune offers 242 Bhp-400 Nm, the T6 state of tune pumps up outputs to 320 Bhp-400 Nm. The T6 petrol motor’s high output is achieved by mating a supercharger to a turbocharger while the T5 petrol motor makes do with a turbocharger alone. The plug-in hybrid version of the 2015 XC90 gets 400 Bhp-640 Nm outputs, with the T6 petrol motor mated to an electric motor.

Both the turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines of the 2015 XC90 SUV use 8 speed automatic transmissions. The petrol and diesel base variants of the 2015 XC90 will feature a front wheel drive layout, while the new all-wheel drive system comes standard on the higher variants.

In terms of safety technology, the 2015 XC90 gets a host of new features, apart from the regular ABS, EBD, Traction Control and Airbags. New features on the 2015 XC90 include run-off road protection and auto brake at intersection, both of which are world firsts.

While the run-off road protection tightens seatbelts when it detects the XC90 going off road in an emergency maneuver, the “auto brake at intersection” features slows the XC9o down when it detects the SUV passing busy intersections without the driver slowing down.

Other new safety features on the XC90 are automatic braking function of the XC90 when the car in front suddenly turns, automatic city braking with significant upgrades and an adaptive cruise control system meant for stop-go city traffic.