2015 W222 Mercedes Benz S-Class Pullman Limousine Patent Images Leaked

Mercedes Benz is working on a limousine version of the W222 S-Class luxury saloon, due to an unveil later this year. Patent sketches of the car in question have already hit the interweb and from what can see, the W222 S-Class in Pullman guise seems a full meter longer than the long wheelbase version of the S-Class. While the Pullman version of the W222 S-Class will sit at the top of the luxury car’s line up, Mercedes Benz is also expected to resurrect the Maybach brand with a new, ultra luxury limousine based on the W222 Pullman.

As the patent images reveal, the 2015 W222 Mercedes Benz S-Class Pullman uses styling that mirrors that of the W222 S-Class, in a car with a much longer wheelbase. Seating capacity could be bumped up to six adults with two sets of seats facing each other at the rear. Propulsion for the W222 Mercedes Benz S-Class Pullman limousine is expected to come from a 6 liter V12 engine blown by twin turbochargers. This engine is likely to output 523 Bhp of peak power and 830 Nm of peak torque, and that’s enough force to propel the car to 100 Kph from standstill in under 6 seconds.

Expect more details, including the pricing and availability information, of the W222 S-Class Pullman to arrive shortly, what with the car being lined up for an official reveal by the end of this year. Mercedes Benz has never sold a Pullman version of the S-Class in India thus far, even though the country’s president is chauffeured in a previous generation S-Class Pullman limousine. The demand for exclusivity in the ultra-luxury segment of cars is fast increasing and this might just prompt the maker of cars bearing the three pointed star to make the W222 S-Class Pullman available in India.