2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

With the Indian Auto Expo pushed to February every year, it’s the Detroit Motor Show (NAIAS) that car fans can look forward to, for unveils, launches, interesting concepts and the like. The show has just kicked off, and we look at 5 cars coming to India.

Mercedes Benz E-Class (W213)

2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

With the Audi A6 recently given a facelift and BMW working on a new 5-Series, it would have been foolish of Mercedes Benz to make its prospective customers wait. Add to the fact that with the C-Class now offering more premium (read S-Class like) styling, it has even surpassed the current generation E-Class (W212 facelift) in terms of yearly sales.

The W213 is longer, gets a hugely improved cabin, and most importantly, follows the same design language as the C- and the S-Class. Merc has also added an autonomous DRIVE PILOT system. Both petrol and diesel engines are available, but there’s also the addition of a plug-in hybrid variant, and the AMG version will be added at a later stage.


2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

The successor to the sublime (and very rare) 1-Series M Coupe is the BMW M2. A step above the M135i/M235i models, the M2 is a proper ‘M’ car. Apart from the ridiculously aggressive (and good-looking) bodywork, the M2 uses a turbocharged straight six engine, comes with an M differential, and can do 0-62 mph (0-100 kmph) in just 4.3 seconds.

It weighs similar to the 1-Series M Coupe but makes more power. If the wait is anything to by, BMW certainly has a very strong product that will soon be added to its line up. And let’s not forget that it will be offered with a manual gearbox, too – that’s unlikely to come to India, though. Expect the car to make an appearance at the 2016 Auto Expo.

Volvo S90

2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

Successor to the very old S80 sedan is the Volvo S90. Based on the company’s SPA platform, the S90 will also spawn an estate version (likely to be called V90). Given that Volvo imports all of its vehicles to the country, it won’t be wrong to expect the S90 to arrive here soon as well.

Much like the Mercedes E-Class, the S90 will also feature a system that lets the drive itself – called Pilot Assist in Volvo’s lingo. The S90 will also boast an optional AWD system. In India, the car could start from about 45 lakhs, making it yet another value-for-money offering from Volvo.

Mercedes Benz SLC

2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

What has also made its appearance at the 2016 NAIAS is the Mercedes Benz SLC. It’s the replacement to the SLK, and apart from the model upgrade, it also gets a new name, thanks to Merc’s updated nomenclature. There’s a wide range of engine options and the range-topping AMG version now draws power from a 3-litre twin turbo V6.

In terms of design it’s now in line with the new design followed by the new Mercs, but continues with its very successful formula – two seats, front engine and RWD, and a folding hardtop. The Z4 is expected to get some stiff competition once the SLC hits Indian shores.

Porsche Turbo 991.2

2016 Detroit Motor Show: 5 cars that are coming to India

With turbocharging being brought to the whole Carrera range, it was inevitable that the 911 Turbo was to become more lethal. And it of course has. The line-up has both Turbo and Turbo S versions, with the former getting a 540 hp maximum output while the latter offering another 40 horses.

And it’s certainly because of the extra 40 horses that the Turbo S can do 0-60 mph (0-96 kmph) in just 2.9 seconds. Known as an everyday supercar, the 911 does have a big bunch of fans and buyers in India as well. With Porsche’s after sales now stronger than ever in India, the new range of Porsche Carreras have firm footing to start anew.