2016 Range Rover Evoque XL SUV spotted in India

Audio major Harman International has an engineering center at Bangalore, India. A Range Rover Evoque XL, the latest body style of the super successful Evoque crossover, was spotted outside Harman’s office at Bangalore, perhaps undergoing infotainment system testing. Notably, the latest spyshots of the Evoque XL aren’t the first. Land Rover has been testing the extended wheelbase Evoque for the past couple of years and the latest crop of spyshots outside Harman’s office indicate that the SUV’s testing has reached an advanced stage.

2016 Range Rover Evoque XL SUV spotted in India
2016 Range Rover Evoque XL Crossover spotted at Bangalore, India


The Range Rover XL is due for an unveil sometime next year, as a 2016 car year model. The Evoque XL is meant to suit markets in India, China and elsewhere, which demand more comfort from SUVs. The longer wheelbase will give Land Rover designer enough room to make the Evoque’s back seats more comfortable, perhaps even giving them enough leeway to squeeze in an additional row of seats.

However, it must be noted that the Evoque XL will be underpinned by Jaguar-Land Rover’s aluminum heavy iQ platform. The Evoque XL, therefore, will be quite light and will also feature Jaguar-Land Rover’s Ingenium range of 4 cylinder turbo petrol and turbo diesel engines. The Evoque XL is code-named L560.

Land Rover’s remarkable turn around, ever since the British SUV giant, was acquired by Indian automaker Tata Motors, has been led by the likes of the Freelander2 and the Evoque crossover, both of which have contributed to big volumes. Adding another SUV based on the Evoque, in this case the Evoque XL, is aimed at strengthening the brand further and attracting a new set of buyers towards what has been Land Rover’s most successful crossover line in recent years.

Spyshots courtesy Team-BHP