2017 Hyundai Verna receives good response from the market

Hyundai recently launched the all-new Verna in the Indian market. According to the manufacturer, the car is receiving an excellent response from the market and has already garnered 7,000 bookings already. The Verna was launched on August 22, 2017, and in the first week itself, the Verna received 4,000 bookings.

2017 Hyundai Verna receives good response from the market

The 7,000 bookings come in 8 days, which is phenomenal.Hyundai also says that they have received over 70,000 enquiries and planned to deliver 10,000 units of the vehicle by Diwali, which is on October 19.

Commenting on the bookings, YK Koo, MD & CEO, Hyundai India said,

“We are overwhelmed with strong customer response and appreciation for the next-gen Verna within 10 days of its launch. The 5th generation Verna is a true expression of a super sedan which is intelligent by design with human technology connect. It is a trendsetter and game changer product creating new benchmarks in its segment exceeding customer aspirations. The 2017 Hyundai Verna bookings are almost double of our monthly target, we thank our customers and reaffirm our commitment for an early delivery to the first 10,000 customers before Diwali.”

The all-new Verna is based on an all-new K2 platform that also underpins the Elantra. The car gets new cascade grille, new bumpers, LED DRLS and updated fog lamps. The new Verna also gets 16-inch alloy wheels. At the rear, the car gets split tail lamps and integrated spoiler in the boot.

The Verna gets a lot of first in class features like ventilated seats, smart trunk operation, EcoAir, impact sensing door unlock and sliding central armrest. Other features include six airbags, ABS, EBD, ISOFIX seat hooks, 7-inch infotainment system with Android and Apple CarPlay.

Currently, the Verna is only available with powerful 1.6-litre petrol and diesel engine options. However, to bring the price further down, Hyundai is planning to re-launch the 1.4-litre petrol and 1.4-litre diesel engine options in the future.

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