2017 Mercedes E-Class spied in India

Mercedes introduced the all new W213 E-Class earlier this year to a global audience. The company has finally begun testing the all new E-Class in India, as confirmed by these spy pictures, which means the launch is a few months away.

2017 Mercedes E-Class spied in India

What’s new?

The new E-Class has been designed to look a lot like the existing Mercedes line up, the new C-Class and the new S-Class, sadly. Though the new car looks nice, we are surprised by how similar their sedan range now looks. It will take a very keen eye to tell the difference between the various models. The key design change in the E-Class is the fact that the headlamp gets dual LED lines instead of a single one that the C-Class and the S-Class get. You also get the new air vents on the bumper which have been designed in the form of an 8, in line with the new Mercedes design theme.

On the inside, the new vehicle gets a completely refreshed dash, which has been inspired by the new S-Class and C-Class. Gone is the old school dash which was cluttered with a lot of buttons. It has now been replaced by a more sophisticated and plush looking dash. There is now a massive central screen which is controlled by the new Command system. What is also new is the ambient lighting with 64 colour options which will most likely make it to the Indian version as well.

2017 Mercedes E-Class spied in India

Under the hood

The global version comes in 4 trim levels, E200, E350 e (hybrid), E220 and E350 diesel. While the E200 is a 2.0 liter engine making 184 Bhp and 300 Nm, same as the one which is already on sale in India, it is the diesel ones that are all new. Currently, the whole Mercedes range from the CLA to the the S-Class is powered by a 2.1 liter diesel engine with varying outputs. This became a massive problem for Mercedes when the diesel ban came into play. The new E-Class comes with a 2.0 liter diesel engine making 195 Bhp and 400 Nm. Both engines will come mated to their new 9-speed automatic gearbox. Now it will be interesting to see if Mercedes decides to invest and bring in this all new diesel engine or continues with the existing 2.1 liter unit which is on sale here currently. To bring in the new engine, a lot of investment will be required.

2017 Mercedes E-Class spied in India

Why the delay?

Though the global unveil happened around an year ago, the company has decided to take its time before launching the new vehicle here. The main reason behind that is the uncertainty that has come in the market ever since the diesel ban came into play. Since this new vehicle will require a lot of investment, the company wants to take time to make sure about everything before introducing the vehicle here.

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