2017 Toyota Fortuner SUV ownership review after 3 lakh km (Video)

Toyota Fortuner is the most popular SUV in its segment. There is no other SUV in the market that can challenge the position of Fortuner. Over the years, Fortuner has become a lot more expensive and even that does not seem to affect the popularity and sales. The car has been in the market for a very long time and Toyota has been bringing in new generation and making changes to the SUV to retain customer interest. Fortuner like many other Toyota products is known for its reliability. Here we have a video of a 2017 model Toyota Fortuner that has done close to 3 lakh km.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Ghazipuria on their YouTube channel. In the video, vlogger talks about the condition of the Fortuner after 5 years and doing almost 3 lakh km. He starts with the exterior of the car. The original paint of the car is still there and the colour has not faded from any part. The front bumper on this SUV was damaged due to heavy usage and it is now fixed using screw and other material. The quality of the chrome garnishes and the rain visor used on the car are also good. These are all genuine accessories and the quality of these accessories has not deteriorated.

The tail lamps and the rear bumper on this SUV are all intact. Vlogger then opens the door to show the cabin of the SUV. The seats and other touch points in the cabin had started to look old. The cushioning on the seat is not in shape anymore and the wooden panel finish on the steering wheel has also faded away. It is now a simple red colour looking panel on the upper part of the steering wheel. The SUV seen here is the top-end diesel manual 4×4 variant. The rear seat cover is torn and colour of the door pads are also looking different from what they originally were.

2017 Toyota Fortuner SUV ownership review after 3 lakh km (Video)

The vlogger then starts the SUV to show what the engine on this Fortuner sounds like after doing close to 3 lakh km. The SUV started without any problems. Vlogger who also owns another Fortuner can be heard saying that it sounds just like his Fortuner which is comparatively new. The gear lever on the manual version of Fortuner vibrates a lot after using it for this long. This is a problem that the owner has been facing. It usually can be seen in type Innova MPVs and Crysta as well. The vibrating gear lever inside the cabin may look very odd inside a car that is now priced over Rs 50 lakh.

Other than the vibrating gear lever, there are no other issues with the Fortuner. Vlogger calculated the running cost of the Fortuner for 5 years. The SUV has done around 2.83 lakh km as per the odometer and it returns around 11 kmpl on a average. The car has consumed fuel worth Rs 20 lakh. This along with the insurance, service and changing parts has made the overall ownership of Fortuner quite expensive.