2017 Type 3 Toyota Fortuner converted into Legender [Video]

The craze that India has for the Indo-Japanese carmaker Toyota Kirloskar Motor’s Fortuner is simply unrivaled. The SUV is built like a tank and lasts a lifetime. The company also launched the more expensive Legender variant that looks even more beautiful. So in attempts to refresh the existing type 3 Fortuners, the owners of a ton of these SUVs across the country have started face-lifting their SUVs with aftermarket body shops with bolt-on kits that include the front and rear bumpers along with LED headlamps and taillamps and various other aesthetic pieces.

The most recent video of a type 3 Fortuner being converted into Legender has been shared on YouTube by VIG AUTO ACCESSORIES. The presenter of the video starts the video by introducing the newly converted SUV and tells that the Fortuner type 3 to Legender kit is the most value-for-money kit in the market and people looking to replace their Fortuners with Legenders should take convert them instead. He reveals that his client did exactly this. He tells that his client wanted to refresh the look of his 2017 type 3 Fortuner.

The presenter starts the video at the front of the SUV and tells that they have replaced the bumpers and grilles of the car to the Legender like and have done an excellent job and shows the fit and finish. He adds that they have replaced the LED headlights with DRLs and it also has the matrix turn indicators as well. Then moving on the side of the car he states that they have given the SUV a two tone look and have painted the top half in high gloss black and the bottom in the factory white. He adds that they have not replaced the alloy wheels.

Moving on he further shows and adds that the body cladding that in the standard 2017 Fortuner comes in matt black have also been repainted in piano black finish. Additionally, the side steps along with black claddings on the door have also been painted in piano black as well. Then the presenter moves to the rear of the SUV and shows the updated look. He tells that they have changed the spoiler of the SUV to a more sportier design and the spoiler itself has been imported from Thailand and this gives the car a unique look. Additionally the LED taillamps and rear bumpers have also been changed. The Fortuner moniker in the middle of the rear hatch has also been replaced to the one that illuminates.

Lastly the presenter then introduces the owner of the car and his friends at the office. The presenters asks the owner for a feedback to which he replies that he is extremely happy with the result. One of the owners friend then adds that the owner was planning to sell this Fortuner and buy a new Legender but after seeing the work and quality from the shop he decided to convert the existing car instead of buying a new one.

Utkarsh Deshmukh

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