2018 Ford EcoSport to launch in September

Ford EcoSport can be called as the sub 4-metre segment starter in India. Even though Premier Rio launched before the EcoSport, the segment became popular with the launch of the EcoSport in India. The EcoSport was launched in 2013 and since then Ford launched a few minor facelift versions of the vehicle to keep it fresh in the market.

2018 Ford EcoSport to launch in September

The new EcoSport has been caught on test in India multiple times. According to a report in CarWale, the new EcoSport will be launched on 15th September in India. Ford India is already exporting the new vehicle to the Brazilian market.

The facelift version of the EcoSport was revealed internationally at the LA Auto Show last year. The facelift of the vehicle brings in fresh changes to the vehicle with new front and rear design. The EcoSport gets a bigger, reworked front grille that eliminates the thin grille on the top. The front bumper is all-new and it now houses square shaped fog lamps along with DRLs. The headlamps also retain the current shape but they are slightly larger than the current version to give it is masculine outlook.

On the side, the only change will be the new alloy wheels that will be sportier. The rear gets minor updates like reworked tail lamp cluster. In the international model, Ford has repositioned the spare wheel from the door to the boot but the Indian version will continue to get the door mounted the spare wheel.

Ford has also worked on the interiors of the new EcoSport. The car now comes with touch screen system with SYNC 3 user interface. It will not get the array of buttons that the current model gets. The EcoSport also gets a new steering wheel and reworked dashboard.

The car will be powered by the same 1.5-litre diesel engine making 99 Bhp – 205 Nm and 1.5-litre petrol engine making 110 Bhp – 140 Nm. The car will continue to get 1.0-litre EcoBoost petrol engine that churns out 124 Bhp – 170 Nm.

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