2018 Volkswagen Polo TVC is out: Idiot-proof car!

The 2018 Volkswagen Polo is about to enter many international markets as the complete model replacement for the existing version. The new Polo is based on the company’s much-publicized MQB platform and comes with a host of new features and modern engines. Unfortunately, however, the new Polo won’t be coming to India. It will be too tough to price this car anywhere close to the rivals, which means bringing it here isn’t a feasible option for the company. Anyway, here’s a video that highlights some of the advanced safety features of the new Polo.

The above video of the new international-spec Polo (not launching in India) shows a father-son duo and captures various moments of their lifetime wherein the son has got involved in some rather strange accidents. Right from the days of being a toddler to being a teenager, the son is shown getting into some really weird situations with his vehicle.

Finally, the video fast-forwards to the present world, where the father is seen in the passenger seat of the new Polo, remembering the times his son has been in a soup. He is even skeptical about the way his son will handle the new Polo. However, the video then goes on to show how the car’s optional Blind Spot Monitor and Front Assist with Pedestrian Monitoring help the son prevent getting into sticky situations.

Equipped with such high-end safety features, the new Polo is definitely a lot safer than its predecessor and as the video shows even seems to be pretty idiot-proof. Even in its most basic guise, the new Polo offers upmarket features like cruise control, tire pressure monitoring and an 8.0-inch color touchscreen infotainment system with a reverse camera and smartphone connectivity thru Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

More importantly, the top-end variant of the car comes with many more standard and optional safety features such as low- and high-speed automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, driver fatigue warning system, the full quota of airbags, blind spot monitoring, and semi-automated parking. With so many safety features on offer, it will really take an idiot to crash the new Polo, no?