2020 all-new Mahindra Thar: Four grille options envisioned

Mahindra has unveiled the much-awaited all-new Thar in the Indian market after a long time. While the all-new Thar has gathered appreciation from all around, the only worrisome talking point is the grille at the front. The all-new Mahindra Thar’s front grille seems to be an afterthought of sorts. Interestingly, Mahindra lost a case referring to the design of the Mahindra Roxor to FCA in the USA. The new grille on the Thar seems like a last-minute change to avoid any such escalations in the future. However, most enthusiasts have shown their disapproval on the grille’s design and aftermarket grilles are likely to be available as soon as the Thar delivery starts in the Indian market. What are the four types of grille options that you can expect in the market? Well, here are four rendering images that show different grilles on the Mahindra Thar by Vroomhead.

Classic 7-slat mini

This rendering image shows the classic 7-slat grille of the all-new Mahindra Thar. It has been scaled-down and that’s why it does not overwhelm the overall design of the Thar. The blacked-out grille does not grab much of attention too. It may not go quite well with the overall look of the muscular Thar but it sure looks better than the stock grille of the all-new Thar.


After Mahindra lost the lawsuit filed by FCA against the Roxor ATV in the USA, Mahindra chose a non-identical grille that does not look like signature Jeep design at all. Here is the same grille that has been pasted on the face of the all-new Thar. This grille encloses the headlamps and takes up a good part on the front of the vehicle. The Roxor inspired grille is something that we may get to see on the roads in the coming few months. What do you think about it?

Classic Jeep grille

This rendering image with classic Jeep grille design makes the Thar look like a mini Jeep Wrangler. Since the design of the vehicle is quite similar to the American iconic SUV, the updated front grille completes the whole design of the SUV and makes it quite impressive on the roads. This is one more grille that you will become common the roads in the coming months.

Heavy build

This grille is not exactly the angry bird grille that you get to see commonly on the first-generation Mahindra SUVs but it is a slightly different iteration of the same grille. This grille gets a thick border all around and it encloses the headlamps. It is sure bolder and more intimidating. Would you like to see this grille on the new Thar?