2020 Mahindra Scorpio SUV: Latest render reveals more

Mahindra will launch the all-new Scorpio in the Indian market soon. Keeping up with the upcoming BNVSAP regulations, Mahindra will update the Scorpio thoroughly. The all-new Scorpio was recently spotted testing on the roads under heavy camouflage and makeshift tail lamps and headlamps. The silhouette of the all-new very different from the current model and it has also grown a lot bigger in size too.

Here is a rendering image of the all-new Mahindra Scorpio that has been made by AutoTrend TV shows the speculative rending image of the upcoming Scorpio. The image is based on the picture of test mule that was taken when it was testing on the roads. The image shows the new-age Mahindra Scorpio and its all-new design. At the front, the rendering image shows the new grille, which is extremely large in size and almost mimics the grille of the Alturas. The headlamps placed in the side of the grille are pretty big in size.

The body of the vehicle gets a lot of creases and contours but the all-new Mahindra Scorpio will be much different compared to the current and previous generations of the SUV. The all-new Scorpio will also become bigger in size, which means that the last jump seats will have more space. Since there is a lot more space length-wise now, it is possible that the vehicle will get forward facing last row seat. The vehicle gets squarish wheel arches just like the current Scorpio.

2020 Mahindra Scorpio SUV: Latest render reveals more

In recent pictures, the interior pictures of the Scorpio show that the vehicle will get space to put in a large central infotainment system. A lot of parts on the all-new Scorpio can be similar to the Mahindra Marazzo, which is already on sale in the market and is doing quite well too.

The all-new Thar is based on a new and updated ladder-frame chassis and the body design is more upright. With the longer wheelbase, we can expect a roomier cabin space in the all-new Scorpio.

The Indian market will also get the stringent BS-VI norms from next year. To comply with the new norms, the all-new Scorpio will get an all-new engine. Mahindra is currently working on a 2.0-litre diesel engine, which will be BS6 compliant and will power the other SUVs from the brand too. This will ensure that the all-new Scorpio is much more power than the current 140 Bhp model. It is quite possible that maximum power offered by the all-new Thar can be around 170 Bhp and the torque can be around 400 Nm. It will get a 6-speed manual transmission and an automatic gearbox can be expected at a later date. The Mahindra Scorpio in its new form will challenge the likes of Tata Harrier in the Indian market.

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