2020 Mahindra Thar 5-door version CONFIRMED

Mahindra unveiled the all-new, second-generation of the Thar recently. The vehicle will be officially launched on 2nd October but only a three-door version of the vehicle will be launched. Mahindra is now working on a five-door version of the all-new Thar and here are the details.

2020 Mahindra Thar 5-door version CONFIRMED
Speculative rendering by IAB

According to a report by ACI, Mahindra Thar is working on the five-door version of the all-new SUV. Since Mahindra plans to target the buyers who want a daily-driving vehicle, which makes the three-door variant quite impractical. Since the access to the rear seats of the Mahindra Thar is restricted, the new five-door version will allow easy access to front-facing rear seats now.

Details are scarce at the moment but Mahindra is likely to offer a longer wheelbase version of the Thar to accommodate the extra set of doors. Since the Thar is made specifically for off-roading, it gets a short-wheelbase, which increases its breakover angle and makes it much more capable. However, since most family car owners do not indulge in off-roading, such a short wheelbase will not be needed. The three-door version of the Thar will have a limited audience.

2020 Mahindra Thar 5-door version CONFIRMED
Speculative rendering of Mahindra Thar five-door by T-BHP

Veejay Nakra, CEO, Mahindra automobile said in an interview to ACI,

Our objective was to recreate the icon, and obviously the first step in that direction was to create the Thar in its current three-door form. I think that’s a good starting point which we are in. Who knows how the future will play out? Let’s just watch this space as we go forward.

The all-new Thar has become much more practical when compared to the first-generation of the vehicle. Mahindra now also offers forward-facing rear seats, which will be very useful to the buyers who want a family vehicle. Since the popularity of the SUVs is on a rise in India, the new five-door Thar will be a much more practical for the family car buyers. It should be noted that even Maruti Suzuki is planning to bring the all-new Jimny to India but only a five-door variant of the SUV will be launched in India. The all-new Force Gurkha, which will be launched soon in the market will get both three door and five door variants from the start.

As of now, the all-new Thar will ve available in two grades – AX and LX. The AX variants will be aimed at the customers who want a vehicle for adventure while the LX grade variants will get the extra features like cruise control system. For the first time, Mahindra will offer the [petrol as well the diesel engine options with the all-new Thar. The petrol variants will get the 2.0-litre tirbocahrged engine that generates a maximum of 152 PS power while the diesel variants will get the same 2.2-litre mHawk diesel that generates a lower power of 132 PS.

All the variants of the Mahindra Thar get he 4X4 system with low-ratio transfer case. However, according to the information that we received from Mahindra, the brand is not planning to launch any 4X2 variant of the vehicle and “dillute” the DNA of the Thar that always been off-roading. But with the launch of a longer wheelbase version with five-doors, Mahindra might go for 4X2 drivetrain, which will be much cheaper than the 4X4 variants and will target those customers who love the look of the Thar but do not want an outright off-roading vehicle.

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