2020 Mahindra Thar customized with cosmetic yet practical modifications

The 2020 Thar has been a huge success for Mahindra. They have themselves admitted that they were not ready for such high demand due to which customers are facing long waiting periods. However, they are working round the clock to increase the production and they have already increased the production by 50 percent. Mahindra Thar has always been a favourite for people who want to customize their vehicles. Due to which there were a lot of aftermarket options available for the original Thar. Now, slowly that is becoming true for the 2020 Thar also.

Here we have a 2020 Thar that has been extensively customized by Classic Service Point. The photos and the details have been uploaded by themselves on their Facebook page. The shop has customized Thar very tastefully. It gets a lot of cosmetic and practical upgrades over the standard Thar. Today, we are going to cover them all.

The first thing that many of the Thar owners does is change the front grille for a more aggressive one. Classic Servicepoint has also done the same with this Thar. They have made this custom front grille for the Thar, which comes with four slats and is finished in Matte Black. It gets “THAR” engraving, just below the grille. There is a custom CNC fuel cap with bolts surrounding it for an added rugged look. The Red Thar with Black body panels looks very attractive than others.

Then there is the interior, which gets red and black upholstery and accents all over. This gives a sporty appeal to the cabin. The shop also made a custom centre armrest that can slide and there is also a utility storage place just below it. There are also rear AC vents that can cool the rear cabin for the rear occupants. Classic Servicepoint also worked to have rear side armrests for both the rear occupants. The rear armrests have an integrated mobile phone holder, bottle holders and storage space. You also get the red and black accent on the rear armrests too. The steering wheel also gets red accents with carbon fibre finish. The carbon fibre effect is continued to the dial surround also. The door pad and the door itself also get carbon fibre inserts. One complaint that people had was a missing dead pedal in the 2020 Thar. Well, the Servicepoint has fixed that one too by installing a dead pedal in the driver footwell.

Mahindra is offering the 2020 Thar with petrol and diesel engine. It is the first time for Thar to be offered with a petrol engine. This has attracted a lot of new buyers to opt for the 2020 Thar. The other reason that it is in so much demand is the better on-road capabilities. The 2020 Thar can now be used as a daily driver because of the front-facing rear bench seat. Mahindra 2020 Thar starts from Rs. 9.80 lakhs ex-showroom and goes all the way up to Rs. 13.75 lakhs ex-showroom.