2020 Mahindra Thar Diesel Automatic in the Desert: How it performs [Video]

Mahindra Thar is one of the most popular SUV in the country. The new generation Thar was recently launched in the market and the prices have also been announced. It is a very capable off-road SUV and has seen a huge improvement in comparison to the older version. Some of the main changes that is seen in the new Thar is that it now comes with an automatic transmission. Here we have a video that shows how an automatic diesel version of the all-new Mahindra Thar performs in a desert.

The video has been uploaded by Desert raiders club DRC on their youtube channel. The video is meant for those who wanted to know more about the performance of the diesel automatic transmission of the Thar. He first takes it on a gravel road before hitting the dunes. The power delivery was instant and the Thar felt very planted on such surface. The ride comfort was quite good and vlogger who has used the old gen Thar off-road said that Mahindra has extensively worked a lot on the suspension part and it is doing a great job.

After he is done with the gravel road, he checks the wheel articulation and also takes it couple of sand dune. The Thar smoothly crawls up some steep sand dunes and the automatic gearbox was working perfectly without any trouble. The vlogger slots it into 4H and takes the control of the gear manually to check whether the car is holding the gear or not. It smoothly goes up the dune and similar response seen when the car was put in D mode as well. The Thar was not shifting between gears unnecessarily which is very important while off-roading.

The vlogger was impressed with the NVH levels too. He says, the cabin felt very silent for a diesel engine vehicle and it also offers a lot more tech inside the cabin. Overall, the automatic transmission of the new Mahindra Thar is good and it will make things easier for driver while doing off-roading as he does not have to control the clutch plate anymore.

Thar is avaialable with a 2.2 lite turbo diesel engine which generates 130 Bhp and 320 Nm torque and a 2.0 litre turbo petrol engine generating 150 Bhp and 320 Nm of torque. Both petrol and diesel engine are available with a manual and automatic gearbox option and Thar is LX is trim available with a hard top too.